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    The sites we will be adding a link to your site (starter SEO) monthly are found through our normal process of
    competitive research for our clients. During the course of completing an SEO program we will search for the top
    ranked sites for that clients keywords. We then run a full back link analysis to see what sites link to the highly ranked
    site, and the value of each of those links. Many of the back links we see show very little value in todays SEO world.
    We look at each site, and the page the link may appear on, and check that pages value.  Even pages with high Page
    Authority may still not offer a strong link for your site because of the number of outbound links on that page (The
    more outbound links the lower the quality of link juice passed to your site), or a lack of relavency to your site.

    Types of Back Link pages you will see on the report:
    It's important that your site has a diverse link profile.  This means you need back links from many different type web
    sites, blogs, forums, social media sites and directories. You also need both follow links and no Follow links. (You can
    see more on this on our blog).

    Each Month we will send you the pages where we have added your link, or you can add your web site information and
    a back link( DIY SEO). These are the same pages we are using for some of our clients. You report may include:

  • Directory Sites
  • Blogs written by respected business or Industry bloggers.
  • Forums we have joined and added your profile to. ( This takes a little longer, but is well worth the time)
  • Social media sites we own and operate.
  • News sites that allow blogs or comments
  • Other opportunities we may find of value from time to time.

    Back links for your site:

    All of the linking opportunities you receive will:
    1.)       Be Indexed by Google
    2.)       Have an individual page rank (not just a domain PR ranking)
    3.)       Have been identified on back link reports for highly ranked sites we are researching.
    4.)       Have a SEOmoz trust factor that is acceptable.

    We use link reports from the nations largest and most trusted SEO software companies, and verify these back links
    through our own Goggle Web Master tools accounts when possible, as well as several alternative back link reports.

    You won’t find many of these link opportunities on any public list, or web site. These are all individually researched by
    us for clients who are on the first page of Google, or heading to high Search engine rankings.

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    If you do not see your sites Google ranking improve and are not 100% satisfied after 3 months we will gladly refund all
    of your fee’s.
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