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Small business Health Care

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Ok, I know this isn’t about SEO, or marketing, or increaseing your revenue.  We just happen to feel that as a community, small business owners are with out question the least represented, least understood, and least listened to.

That’s why I actual read the white house blog from time to time.  That link will take you to an interesting blog on small business health care.   Did you know we pay on average, 18% more for health care than larger businesses.

And that’s with out factoring in the type of care small business plans provide.

Well, enough about that.

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Denver Sales Training, or coaching?

One of the challenges we face in business is a clear description of what a business does.

We are a sales acceleration firm. As such, we do a lot of SEO in Denver, as it’s difficult to find a business who can not benefit from a strong SEO program.

That is why you will find so much information on SEO  on this blog. Scroll down to find that most of these blogs are about search engine optimization and Internet Marketing.

But, we also offer sales coaching for business owners and senior managers. Sales coaching is not sales training. It is a process to accelerate your businesses sales through a proven system.

I coached two of Denver’s fastest growing companies (as named by the Denver Journal in 2010). And we still do the SEO work for both. But I can tell you that the SEO without the sales coaching would have been far less effective in what every business really wants. It’s not about higher rankings, it’s about more revenue.

If you want to see more on our sales coaching you can view it here.

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SEO Denver

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We see so many web design, and to some extent, social media companies offering SEO (search engine optimization) services in Denver.

In most cases, they are just not going to be very good at it. I am sure there are exceptions, but SEO is a skill set that takes not only experience, but on going study and research.


Several of our clients moved to us after long periods of waiting for their web firm’s SEO to kick in. After reviewing the work they were doing, they would have had to wait forever. Some Web design firms seem to think that by completing the basic search engine friendly work on a site it will some how magically appear on the first page of Google. Most experts agree that around 25% of your SEO success is based on your on site SEO., leaving the vast majority of your rankings to the off site SEO. That’s the stuff most web design firms don’t know how to do.

If you are looking for a good SEO firm, ask them these questions.

Who developed the Google ranking algorithm (Page rank) And who is the patent assigned to?

Answer, Larry Page, co founder of Google. And Stanford university

Ask, how important is a pages PR rank in SEO these days?

Answer: Not very!

Ask them the value of Google web master tools for SEO?

Google web master is a free, and highly important tool for tracking how Google views your web site.

Ask them how they will research Key words to use, and how they will use the keywords to attract more visitors.

If they plan to just dump the keywords into your text, thats bad.

Ask them the difference between Dynamic URL’s and Static URL’s on a site, and which is better for SEO.

Answer: The important part is they can describe the difference, and communicate the use of each.

Ask them what they do to stay on top of Google and other Search Engine changes that could make a difference for your rankings.

You would like to hear how they track all of the changes they make with SEO clients, as well as all the off site SEO practices to establish the value of each, and that they subscribe to several national SEO sites and associations, as well as track changes through the Google blogs.

And ask them if Face book, Word Press, and are follow or no follow links.

Answer, Face book: no follow, Word Press is No Follow, Follow

If they can get through those questions, it’s time to do one more test. Ask them for three sites they have done the Denver SEO on that are currently ranked on the First page, and the keywords. And make sure these are recent!

Our main site

303 500 3053

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Denver SEO and Good Marketing

It’s really the same thing. In our sales coaching, one of the main topics is how to sell more through business relationships.

Local SEO is just an extension of that principle. Your site needs to “build good relationships” with other local and national sites to attract attention.

In business you want to first, build great relationships with your current customers, and then build strategic relationships with other companies that can promote your service, and in turn you can promote theirs.

The bottom line on building better positive relationships in business is finding ways to support your customers and network in new and valuable ways.
Ask not what they can do for you, but ask what you can do for them.

A good step would be offering to write a letter of reference for their services, and allowing them to post it on their web site. Testimonials are an important part of building trust, and they should jump at the offer. It’s good for their site and company and if you add your business information to the testimonial include your web site, and that’s a plus for your SEO.

I truly believe that the way you advance your business is by helping others advance theirs. And just like with good local SEO, make sure you chose the companies you promote carefully, as you will be judged to an extent by their reputation.

See more about us on our site

For Local Denver SEO, Content is King

Going back to our premise that good Search engine optimization is all about good marketing, Google recently announced some more changes that will affect rankings on sites with duplicate content. You can see the Google blog here:

What you want on your site is fresh and good content. Site owners that just swap information from other sites or Blogs don’t do much to bring up the bar (so to speak) for good content.

Fresh, original and new…. those are great marketing concepts, and very good for S.E.O. as well.

Read the post on White Hat Search Engine Marketing

Denver Local SEO is more than rankings

Local SEO should be more than getting your site ranked well on search engines. You need to also think what your web site ranking will look like!

Given the choice of being first for a category with no reviews, or third with 10 great reviews I would go with the third spot, and the reviews.

Which one would you look at?

Reviews bring positive attention, and will more than likely bring more clicks to your web site.

There are several other factors that will affect how Google displays your web site. You need to manage all of those to get the right people to your site.

See more about us at

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

When we explain SEO, or search engine optimization, to business owners, we explain it in this analogy.

SEO is like a popularity contest back in high school.  Every one wants to be liked by Google.  So the first thing is Google has to like your looks.  In this case, that’s your site.  Google like’s sites with good content,  easy navigation,  and a site that is clear what it’s about.

The second thing Google wants to know is who likes you ( who you hang out with). In this case what other sites like you, and how does Google feel about those sites. If they are popular, your site is going to pick up some popularity points in this contest. A site’s trust is also very important, is Google confident that the site that mentions your site is on the “good” list.


Google also wants you to be popular with sites that are related to you. No one likes a wishy washy site.  Are the sites that like you, related to what you are?

And Google knows who likes you (your site) by what other sites link back to you, or give you a mention.

If you want to see more about how Google Index’s web sites check out our  SEO Page and the video by Google’s own Matt Cutts.

Local SEO in Denver

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Search engine optimization is so much more than employing the tactics to make your site popular with search engines.

We view it as an over all promotion strategy. It just makes sense that you would want your business listed and mentioned on as many good sites, and sites that are relevant to your business, as possible.

On site SEO is just the practice of making your site usable, and interesting.

Spend a moment viewing the Google video on our search engine optimization page and you will get the best over view of how Google ranks sites I have ever seen, in a few minutes.

See it here Denver Search Engine Optimization, Google video

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White Hat Search Engine Optimization

To me, White Hat SEO is simple doing what you would normally do that is honest and ethically regardless of how a search engine (Google) would think of it.

Good SEO is just promoting your business on line, and getting your business to be as visible as possible.

If a tactic you are using is implemented because it makes sense from a marketing perspective, and not because Google wants to see it, it’s proably White Hat.

D.I.Y. Search Engine Optimization

We see a lot of businesses who have attempted to do search engine optimization on there own.

In many times they have read a few blogs, talked to a few web design firms and tried there best, but rarely do they get first page results, if they get any results.

I think the reason is pretty simple. Experience is the key attribute when it comes to SEO. I read many of the top blogs on how small businesses can do their own SEo, and in most cases the advice is good, but way to little real information.

I am thinking of offereing a DYI guide to SEO, which would include the current back links that we know are good, as well as updates monthly on new links and new developments with SEO and Google. If a business had this information they would have a much higher percentage of success. It would include the basic on site tactics as well.

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