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The Foundation (General) Principles of SEO, and SEI in 2013

1.)        SEO is about a page(s) and then a site. The client’s web site however must meet basic “SEO” requirements.
This is generally simple, proper meta information, non conflicting (or competing) pages, good navigation, and clear
purpose copy.

All SEO is fundamental based on content on the client’s site. It can be in the form of a blog, or additional new
pages.  Content must be focused on the type of visitors the site wants to attract. Content needs to be educational or
entertaining to attract web attention.

The objective of an SEO program needs to be clearly defined. What is the purpose, and who am I trying to
attract? Is it a branded program, or keyword/subject specific?

Content needs to be broadcast. (Distributed). The best content will have no effect if no one reads and shares
it. This is the magic wand of SEO. Broadcast tactics should be diverse and consistent.

An intelligent human needs to engage the web on behalf of the client in social, forums, business or local
communities. Comments are important, as they indicate actual engagement versus automated engagement.
Engagement must be consistent.

High quality “source” directories are fundamental important. Search Engines use data on a business and
their web site from two or three national sources.  This information must be 100% consistent with all additional
mentions of that business on the Internet.

Natural Links are important. Most businesses have opportunities to have other authority web sites link to their
content. Chambers, Better Business Bureau, local print media, associations, and other local or related businesses
should be identified.

Out bound links do play a role. Linking from the client’s page to an Authority site gives higher value to the page
the link is on.  

9.)        T
he more difficult a mention or back link is to obtain, the more valuable it tends to be. This can be applied to
a larger view and applied to “sites”, The more difficult it is to build authority in a community or social media property,
the more valuable a mention on that property becomes.

Research into competitor’s link profile is still valuable and important. Identification of niche and authority
sites related to a clients topic is still fundamental in the SEO and SEI process

SEO, or SEI is a Team project. The client must be a partner in the process.

For Local SEO and SEI there is a more weighted focus on valuable local web directories and Google, Bing and Yahoo
directories and listings. Adding local reviews becomes a fundamental principle.
Principles of SEO and SEI in 2013
     My One Call SEO Team