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S.EO. Explained

When we discuss search engine optimization, or web popularity programs, with potential clients, or at the
workshops we put on, we use the following explanation.

SEO is like a popularity contest back in high school.  Every one wants to be liked by Google.  So the
first thing is Google has to like your looks.  In this case, that’s your site.  Google like’s sites with good
content,  easy navigation,  and a site that is clear what it’s about.

The second thing Google wants to know is who likes you (who you hang out with). In this case what other
sites like you, and how does Google feel about those sites. If they are popular, your site is going to pick up
some popularity points in this contest.

Google also wants your site to be popular
with sites that are related to you. Sites that have a common
theme.  A bakery web site being liked (linked to) by a bread company makes sense. A Dental office being
liked (linked) to a bakery site in Paris, isn't going to impress Google. As a matter of fact it may confuse
Google. No one likes a wishy washy site.  Are the sites that like you, related to what you are?

And Google knows
who likes you (your site) by what other sites link back to you, or give you a

With the new Google panda update, the popularity analogy is more important than ever.  Unique and
interesting content is rewarded in the new Google algorithm, and your companies social media sites as
well. Search engines want to know that other sites (and now people) like your content, They figure that out
through the back links to your site, as well as your mentions on and from social media sites.

Many SEO companies are still using older and often out of date search engine optimization tactics,
because they worked last year.  We are constantly training, testing, and updating our process to make
sure you are getting work that actually delivers results.

Take a look at the type of SEO tactics that use to work,  and what works today.  Click the link below for the
Internet Marketing and Se@rch Engine Optimization
 My One Call SEO Team