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Answering the question who was the best sales person I ever worked with is nearly impossible, so I thought I would just spend a few blogs on a few of the outstanding sales pro’s I have had the pleasure of managing or working with.

In the telecommunications field I had a sales rep by the name of Terry Leidritter. Terry use a very good sales rep for one reason. He said fewer words than any other sales rep I ever worked with.   And the ratio of words you use compared to your prospect has a direct relationship on closing.

Terry, after a brief but friendly introduction would ask a question and then close.  In this format, the close always brought the next question, which he would answer and close.  Here is an example with me (Mike, as the prospect he is selling to):

Terry: ( after the intro and brief warm up).  Mike, you want to reduce your cost on telecommunications right?

Mike:  Yes

Terry, Okay, I just need your phone numbers and for you to sign the paper work here (pushing the paper work over to them.)

Mike: Uh, how much will I save?

Terry, looking at your current patterns I am thinking around 25%.  But we will save you money every time you make a call, as you can see on our rate comparision sheet. You want to save money every time you make a call?

Mike: Of course.

Terry:  Great,  lets get the order filled out and it only takes a week to get started.

Mike:  Do they need to come install something?  How does it work?

And on it goes.  Terry would close, answer and close.  I never saw sales made so quickly or effectively.  His average sales presentation was 30 minutes, where the average for me was over 90 at that time.

It should be noted that we were selling a service that didn’t take a lot of relationship building and trust. It was a  brand everyone was familiar with

and being sold as a commodity.  This process isn’t going to work with higher ticket, longer sales cycle services.  But it can work once you get to the “presentation” even in those situations.

Give it a try.  Find the one most compelling reason clients buy, and turn it into a closing question.  Then

Ask, Close, answer, Ask Close.

For SEO it might be:

You want more clients calling you from the Internet right?

For coaching services:

You want to grow your revenues while making more profit don’t you?

Let me know what your best question is. Finding it, and then asking more and closing will bring your conversion rate up,  And you want to close more prospects don’t you?

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