Denver SEO and Google Social

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Denver SEO and Google Social Media

Denver SEO is changing again with the news this week that Google is now including some of your friends social media links in with your search results. I tried it myself yesterday using several keyword searches I knew I had tweeted about, and there they were, first page under my Google search results.

So Denver SEO and National SEO practices need to change again, and start to consider how a company is “optimized”  or visible on Twitter, and other social media properties.  For the moment Google can not include face book mentions, as face book has a deal with Bing.

Here is a good blog on it at by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.

With the Google results, it will only show social mention and links from your friends on Google.  So for this to have any effect on your results, you will need to have added a lot of friends to your google accounts.  But the main point for all of us is how focused the search engine world is on finding the right balance to bring social media into the search engine results.  It also means that search engine optimization continues to become more and more complex.

So what should a local business be doing about this?  For Denver SEO you need to make sure you have a twitter account in your company name and use it. Tweet about the services and products you want to promote, and include the URL of your site once and a while.   Make sure write blogs (and make sure the blog is on your URL) and tweet about your blogs as well.

A Google spokesperson said this is just the beginning of social integrated results.  SEO’s in Denver should pause for a moment and understand what this means.

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