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Need to make more sales? Read on!


I just finished listening and viewing a 90 minute webinar about the “science” of in home selling.  I have a lot of clients who sell to the home owner, so keeping up on any new and interesting “science” is always good.

Let’s just say the content was about, ummm, 40 years old.  It’s been a long time since I heard about the “one more thing” close. Or as it evolved (around 1980) into the Colombo close.  I really hope that as a profession we “sales pro’s” can move past some of this stuff.

Here is what I know about selling.  If you want to sell something you do it the same way people get elected as President.  Years ago there was a very complicated, expensive, scientific research paper completed by a highly respected University or research center (none of this I can remember the details about)  that stated that the person who won the Presidential elections in this country had the advantage over the opponent in three areas.  Ready?  (and this is how you sell more as well… have the following advantages.)

  • They looked better
  • They sounded better
  • They felt better

Therefore they were more popular.

Put it to the test.  Did Regan look, sound, and feel better than Carter?  YES

Did Regan look, sound, and feel better than Mondale?  YES

Did Obama look, sound, and feel better than what’s his name?  Yes!

(These are in no way political statements!)  I also look at it like this. The person who gets elected in this country is always the one that the majority of people would rather have living on their block. Really. I am not joking.

So if you want to sell more, you need to look better than your competition, sound better, and feel better to your prospective clients.

So take a moment and ask yourself. How can I look better to my market?  How are your marketing materials looking these days? How do you dress when you go to a meeting?  Do you need a little gray hair for the service you sell (Consulting)  and you are 27?  Better bring a more senior person with you. (Or me.)

How do you Sound?  Confident, Organized, Interesting?

How do you feel?  When you leave are they going to say…  I just feel like they know what they are doing and they’re the right choice.

In those three questions, you can become a top 10%  sales pro. Or, you can go old school and  learn the feel- felt- and found method of overcoming what we call “objections”. 😉

Old School: Yes Joe,  I know how you FEEL, because you don’t have any money and lack the authority to make this decision, but many of my clients FELT that way until they FOUND out we don’t care if you pay us, and I will never tell your boss you did it. Now Joe, that makes sense doesn’t it? Joe:  “Well, Yes Mike it does! Thanks for helping me overcome what you thought was an objection, but was really a condition you should have identified long before you showed up here.”

I want to give you more on this later, but this may be a great help to the non-professionally trained business owner or manager who now needs to sell to survive.

You don’t need to know 14 different ways to overcome objections.  You don’t need to know 25 different style closes. (Although you really should know one.)  And you don’t need to be high pressure.  You just need to Look, Sound, and Feel better than the other guy.

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