Denver SEO Analysis

Denver SEO Analysis.

We get asked what should be included in an SEO analysis. The first thing is to understand that their are three large buckets to getting good rankings in Google and other search engines.

The first is your “on Site” SEO.  A good SEO company will do a fairly detailed report on how search engines view your site, and make suggestions on changes to improve it. Those will include your navigation strategy, Your page load times,  your graphics, your copy, your page names, your page name structures,  and other meta tag details.

The second bucket a good Denver SEO company will look at your current back links. How many, how trust worthy, how relevant, and their over all strength.

And the third bucket will be how competitive your keywords are. In other words, how strong are the sites that all ready rank highly for the keywords you want to rank highly for.No way of understanding how much work they will need to do unless they (and you) know what they are competing for.

On a local basis I would also add a fourth bucket. That being your listing in Google places , Yahoo and Bing local.

So if you get a Denver SEO Analysis done,  make sure they give you all the information above.  And as always ask for 3 recent references. The world of search engine optimization changes quickly, so a reference from more than 6 months ago isn’t very important.

Most SEO companies offer a free analysis, just make sure it is not only free, but also is  good.

You can see more about our SEO services in Denver here

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