Search Engine Optimization Denver Tips

Search Engine Optimization Denver Tips:

We talked about getting your site and company listed on the local directories (Google, Bing, Yahoo).  Now What?

Here is a simple process that makes sense from a marketing and SEO stand point.  Search the main keywords people will use to find your service or product.  In the results you will find a mix of sites. Some will be competitors, and some will be directories.  Go to each site and see if there is an opportunity to add your web site under your category.

You should be able to find 3 to 6 good linking opportunities with in the first few pages of results.

And… have you asked your favorite vendors and suppliers if they would like a testimonial from you to put on their web site (with your company information and web site).  Remember, the BIG SEO companies focus on two things, content on site (interesting and unique) and linking from other relevant sites.

I will talk more about good content later this week. under Search engine optimization Denver. There are some great blogs out there on the subject as well. It should be noted this tip works in any city.




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