5 thoughts on “Google Places Citations”

  1. Interesting stuff
    – Citations are as you hint at is a ‘Google places’ equivalent – to a back link to your site (for ranking in Google organic) search.

    But the key question I really struggle with is this:

    If you are a local business and you have invested heavily in a web site and you have been driving back links to gain ranking in Google organic (Or indeed you planned to make new investments in a website for this same purpose) – Is there any point in having a website at all – now you are going to be mostly dependent upon Google places?

    The first 7 – 10 results are now Google places for the local search to your business – And bearing in mind that the 1st page placing / rank occupancy gets 42% click through and currently location 10 gets 4% – Doesn’t this mean that any investment in your web site is going to be severely diluted in its ability to get traffic – as it will always have Google places listings in front of the their site even when achieving position one in a Google organic rank placement?

  2. Jeremy,

    As our research continues to show that a site that has good quality back links will rank higher in the “maps” than those that don’t, it continues to make a great deal of sense to seek out great links to a site.

    Very difficult to get a site on the first page under a keyword , even in Places (Maps) with out links. The difference these days is business owners need to look for real value links…. Business Associations, and other local sites that are related, but do not provide a directory.

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