Do Not Fake Google Reviews

I just got this email:

comments = Google is now using business reviews to
business ranking. People are trashing companies with
reviews, Complaint sites and Blogs.

We can help you defend your company by posting positive
 Reviews, Blogs and creating Websites to take over
Search Results and control what people see about your company.


   for Review Posting Service
  for Reviews and Reputation Service

How does posting positive reviews help in your businesses
 Google ranking?

1. Positive reviews increase your business rank by
linking important and relevant websites to your website.
2. A constant stream of positive reviews improves your
online reputation.
3. Positive reviews drive traffic to your business.
4. Positive reviews restore a tarnished reputation
pushing down negative reviews and links.
5. Helps protect against competitors or anyone else
from attempting to run your ranking.

This service makes no sense. When you are on their web
site it seems to imply they are going to write fake
reviews for you. People can spot these from miles
away, and by posting fake reviews you muck up the entire
trust people may have in on line reviews.

The best system for on line reviews (and they are important)
is to let your real customers post them. Just send them
an email requesting that they go to your Google Places or
any other on line review site, and tell the world how you
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