Portable modular living quarters

Portable modular living quarters.

One interesting aspect of working with company’s on their web site popularity and Search engine optimization is the type of services you get introduced to. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting with a firm that specializes in the design of prototype modular buildings. In just a few months the operation manager will be heading to the Antarctic to assemble some of their modular living quarters, data center and other research related buildings designed and engineered specifically for a research team.

Now I certainly enjoy working with many different type industries, but I had never heard of this specialty.  I had to understand how they even entered this market.

I was told that they were approached by a large corporation about 6 years ago who needed a modular electrical data center built. The rest is history, as their reputation in the Industry has lead them to work for some of the country’s largest corporations and defense contractors by providing prototype modular buildings, including data centers, living quarters, electric power control rooms, and more.

Watch for more on this blog about the trip and other interesting projects they will be participating in. You can see the web site about Portable modular living quarters



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