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SEO is a tricky little devil  these days.  Ultimately the bottom line on any SEO program is how much new profitable business you have come from it.

If you are looking for reports about the effectiveness of your SEO programs we thought we would show you what we produce for clients. This is a partial quarterly report.


M and E Painting. 3 month Report on Status of Web Site Visibility and SEO  for


  • Have your web firm add the Google 1+ button on your site.
  • My One Call to work on specific opportunities identified on this report.  Including SEO for “Painting Contractor in” Keyword, via on site suggestions, places account and anchor text on My One Call owned sites.
  • Run Large Scale Keyword report to determine additional opportunities
  • Check why PPC is high in Fort Collins and Greely
  • Add social media links in August. Add no follow links. Link profile is high in Follow links.
  • Current SEOmoz SEO ranking.    PA 37  and Domain  Authority  26 ( Seomoz is the internet’s most reliable SEO ranking service, that closely monitors and try’s to replicate Goggles Algorithms )  Add diversity to link profile to improve rankings overall.

Key word reports from Google:  Based on a review of your site these are the main keywords consumers will use to find you.  SEE PAGE BELOW

As you can see the main keyword is House Painting.  The way Google works is if a consumer in Broomfield (or any decent size city) types in only House Painting they will get a list of the top local sites in the map section.  MOVE TO PAGE BELOW


In the following example we set our browser for zip code 80021 (Broomfield) to determine your site does rank highly with or with out the “local intent” city in the search


Your site is Ranked Number two using this method.


Here is your site ranking using the local intent term in the search:



Your site is Ranked Number 1 in Maps and Number 1 Organically

Here are the same comparisons for Loveland, and Fort Collins:

Loveland with City



Loveland with browser set to zip





House Painting with Fort Collins

House painting with zip in browser (as if in Fort Collins, no city Intent)

As you can see when a consumer searches with out a “city” you are still in great positions.  The national sites do show up above the map, but as we are seeking consumers looking for local painters your click rate for these searches should be similar to the local intent (city name ) searches.

The second highest searched term according to the Google keyword report is “Painting Contractors In “

Her are the rankings in your primary cities for that search.


Fort Collins:  Opportunity to move you into the MAPS section  SEE PAGE BELOW

Painting Contractor In Broomfield

Opportunity to move into Maps!  Number 1 Organic

Your sites ranking is determined by two large buckets. The first is your on site optimization, which includes Meta tags, Copy, and navigation, and the second is off site optimization which is how many sites, social media,  and mentions link to your site, or mention your company.

Current Back Links from Link   This report is also attached as an excel sheet with more information.

URL Anchor Link Type STR SEOmoz Page Authority SEOmoz Domain Authority Web Good 0 52 91 -N/A- Missing 0 47 80 Good 50 46 85 M & E Painting Good 1 43 60 Good 48 40 56 M & E Painting Good 1 38 46 M & E Painting Good 0 38 51 -N/A- Missing 0 37 38">M & E Painting Good 0 37 60 M&E Painting, LLC Good 0 37 34 Good 0 35 38 Good 0 35 37 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 33 50 M & E Painting Good 2 32 41 M&E         Painting Good 0 31 42 Good 0 29 32 Good 6 28 22 M & E Painting Good 0 27 26 Good 0 27 30 M&E Painting LLC Good 0 27 42 M&E Painting, LLC Good 4 26 17 House Painting Good 0 26 21 House Painting Broomfield, Colorado Springs Good 0 26 25 Website Good 0 25 31 M & E Painting Good 1 25 46 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 24 19 House Painting  in Colorado Springs Good 1 23 17 M&E Good 0 23 17 Good 0 23 50 M&E Painting Good 0 22 18 M&E Painting Good 0 21 19 House painter Good 3 21 17 Good 6 21 22 Good 0 20 15 [ALT] m & e painting Good 1 20 13 Website Good 0 17 31 M & E Painting Good 0 17 26 M & E Painting Good 0 17 14 M & E Painting Good 1 11 41 Visit Our Website Good 0 10 52 M & E Painting Good 0 9 51 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 7 19 M&E Painting Good 3 6 17 M&E Painting Good 0 5 19 view website Nofollow 0 4 61 M & E Painting LLC Good 0 1 29 M&E Painting, LLC Good 4 1 34 Our Services Good 0 21 24 -N/A- Mention 0 34 55

On Page Optimization Report:  House Painting

We have attached a PDF of this report to the email sent.

Google Web Master Summary:

Shows no HTML problems

Shows no Google plus clicks

Shows site is being crawled (29 pages a day average)

Impressions you have by Key word (how many times your site showed up in search results on Google for the keyword last 30 days.

SEE NEXT PAGE…This report generally gives you a good view of how Google see’s the keywords on your site and how Google displays your site for those terms.  Google shows the following Domains linking to your

We checked your sites linking structure in Google web master and it appears good.

Google Analytics:

Your site traffic continues to improve

Your bounce rate is acceptable

Top Traffic sources since April 2010

Top Traffic sources Last 90 Days

Google Pay Per Click:

July:  Cost is down a little over July.

Greely and Fort Collins are by far the highest clicked and cost.

Action:  Check way Greely and Fort Collins cost is this high



Some of the images where removed, but you can see our point.  SEO is about rankings, and those rankings resulting in customers.


see more about our SEO services





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