Local Search Ranking Results and Factors 2012

If you run reports for Local search engine rankings you may be in for a big surprise.

For every keyword you are looking at you need to run four different queries, because Google will serve the results in three different ways with different results for each. Local searches may use one of the following type searches. Let’s use Basement Finishing as an example.

1.)  Just the term Basement Finishing

This will bring up results Google thinks are relevant to what location you are searching from. I assume they use the IP from your Internet provider, which may or may not be in the actual town/city/zip you are sitting in as you search. This result (and I will add pictures later) will have the strongest organic listings for the major metro area you are (of you are ) part of.  Followed by the Maps listings.(Generally)

2.) You may search with your city name in the query, like “basement Finishing Broomfield”

This brings up the Maps first.  A big difference than a search with no city.


3.) You may use the zip code, like “basement Finishing 80020”

This brings up different organic results in the first two positions than the non city term search and then the maps.


4.) You may just use the generic metro city name, like “Basement Finishing Denver”.

Completely different results from all of the above.

Four commonly used search structures for local, one keyword. This is one reason that using a non local SEO for a local business can be a mistake. Few understand, or work on the entire set of query types, and may be sending you reports with just one type query, when you are missing 75%  of the opportunities.

Here is a quick copy of examples:


Basement Finishing Browser set to 80020

Basement Finishing:

Basement Finishing Broomfield

Give us a call any time for a free assessment of how your site ranks in all of these local query types. 303 500 3053 ext 1.


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  1. That’s a lot to figure out. Do you have the statistics on which type of search is the most used? That would be very helpful. Thank you.

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