In Search, Location and Local Intent Matter

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In Search, Location and Local Intent Matter

I was just reviewing another SEO’s report to a client. Wow. Looking at the report you would think that they were dominating the local search for their keywords.  But, and here we go again, they are only tracking one of the four type search queries a prospect might use to find their type company when it comes to a local intent search.

The report notes rankings for the following queries:

Suburb of city plus Keyword.

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Example, if you were a plumber in Kansas City would be

Riverside MO. Plumber.

But the reality is, that prospect might use any of the following queries, and depending on where (the location) that Google thinks they are in, the results will be different.

They are just as likely to use

“Plumber” with no local intent.

In this case Google is going to serve the results based on their information as to where the search is being conducted.  Most likely you will see a Map’s listings.  Very different than the search the SEO is tracking.

Or, they may use the main city in the search

Plumber Kansas City.

This can bring up blended results, with possible Map’s listings and organic.

Or, they may use a zip code (Less likely, but it happens more than you may think) Plumber 90123

blended and different results.

So the reality of the SEO ranking report is they are only viewing a minority of search queries for this customer. Frankly, intentionally or not, they are putting the best foot forward, and hiding the other foot.

Local search engine optimization is a different process than national or generic optimization. In each keyword, a good local SEO knows to focus on having the client rank in all 4 of these type queries.  That’s great SEO.

If we can help you with your local SEO  or Internet marketing, give me a call for a free assessment of what it might take.

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