Top Ranked SEO’s by City in the United States

The top ranked SEO web Sites in the United States by City:

I was interested in what page and domain authority the top three search engine optimization sites have for the largest cities in the United States. You can take a look at the numbers and see how your site currently ranks compared to the top SEO sites in major US cities.

I am using the free SEOmoz browser tools, so any one can duplicate this test, in what ever niche you like.

I’ll be looking at each city leaders individually later, to see if we can find some commonalities in how they achieve these rankings. Hint, many do web design as well as SEO and have the normal “web design by” link on the home page of the sites they have built, giving them a huge advantage over search engine optimization companies that do not   provide web design services.

The good news is I don’t see much black hat or at least questionable linking or on site tactics, and that does seem to confirm that the tricky SEO’s, using what could be called black hat tactics, don’t do well when it comes down to competitive rankings. I mean “search engine optimization ” should be a pretty competitive term right?

Chicago:  Search Tern “Chicago Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 59, 64,59

DA: 51, 65, 64

Houston: Search Term “Houston Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 52, 64, 61

DA: 42, 58, 54

Los Angeles: Search Term ” Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 65, 60, 63

A: 57, 58, 55

How About Phoenix ( Yes it is one of the top 5 populated cities you east coast snobs ;))

Top 3 Phoenix SEO Sites
PA: 44, 57, 62
DA: 32, 48, 54


Guess we better do New York ( I didn’t put them first because they are always first)
Top 3 New York Search Engine Optimization sites
PA: 64, 78, 70
DA: 56, 75, 100 <<< That 100 is a youtube video. hmm…

So how do these compare to the mid market cities? Lets look at Jacksonville Florida, 11th in US population (Who knew?)

Top 3 Jacksonville Florida Search Engine Optimization sites.

PA: 51, 46, 55
DA: 41, 36, 57

Let’s take the 17th largest city ( I picked this number randomly before I looked at the list)
Charlotte North Carolina (A pleasant surprised, as I have spent time in Charlotte, and always enjoyed it’s splendid hospitality.)

Top 3 Sites:
PA: 39, 59, 38
DA: 27, 56, 64

And just for comparison lets do Cheyenne Wyoming, only because I know it’s small. I mean really small.

Top 3 Sites Cheyenne search engine optimization. (I actually give you 4 because I thought number 4 was funny)

PA: 47, 23, 37, 01
DA: 65,11,25, 04

Yes friends, the 4th ranked site has a 01 page authority and a 04 domain authority according to SEOmoz. The third ranked site is in Atlanta (I think) and its site appears to be down currently.

Now don’t go rushing off to expand your SEO company into Cheyenne. You don’t belong there son.  Trust me, I played in a Country and western band and toured in Wyoming.

And the summary:

City PA 1 PA 2 PA 3 Total PA top 3
New York 64 78 70 212
L.A. 65 60 63 188
Chicago 59 64 59 182
Houston 52 64 61 177
Phoenix 44 57 62 163
Jacksonville 51 46 55 152
Cheyenne 47 23 37 107


Your PA Here

No surprises that I can see, but it does give you a pretty good idea what your site PA  and DA would need to be to compete for the coveted first page top 3 rankings for”your City search engine optimization”.

I hope to get a little deeper into assessing the commonalities of these sites over the next month.  I’ll look at where the links come from. on site factors, and all the stuff you would look at if you were doing it. Let me know what you think I should be looking at, or do your own and let me know if you find any thing interesting. You can subscribe to our newsletter >>>>>>>>  over there in the right column,  if you want to see more detailed things on how to SEO, or tips and such.

Until then, I’ll see you in Cheyenne!

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