Checking Your Competitors Backlinks

Checking Your Competitors Backlinks.

Many in the SEO field use the common practice of checking on their competitors backlinks, and then adding their clients to the web pages they find that are available.

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Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization (Photo credit: Hobo!)

I would call that, by itself, a pretty big waste of time. So much has changed with Google over the last 12 months that many of the back links you are looking at have no value, or may even hurt your rankings with the new changes. A site that has been around 10 years and has a massive amount of backlinks has very little value to you, or anyone trying to grow their internet visibility, unless… you are looking at every site you see a back link on and doing a complete assessment to see if that page makes sense to add YOUR site to it.  The only reason to add your site to a page is ____________________ .  <<<<<Fill in the blank.

  • If you said to help your SEO and improve your rankings, well, you are in trouble.
  • If you said because that page and site will bring you more and better traffic.  You get an A
  • If you said because being a part of that pages community will help your brand and increase your visibility to the market, you get another A

With the recent changes it’s more important than ever to implement SEO programs with the right intent. If you work as if Google didn’t exist, you are probably on the right track.

Here are the basic tips we are giving about the recent changes from Google and what to do now.

Content.  Add lots of good content. Blog on your site

Become part of several highly respected on-line communities. Participate often and with quality.

Stop reading about linking strategies.  Stop reading any SEO “experts” information that isn’t highly respected and hasn’t been around at least 6 years.  Stop all the ranking checks and searches you are doing to find your rankings.  Take all that saved time and write and produce great content.

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3 thoughts on “Checking Your Competitors Backlinks”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the importance of great content Mike! The stats in social media consistently prove that what people are really looking for are fresh ideas and new content on a regular basis. A little knowledge around the keywords people use to search for your company coupled with a solid engagement plan to get involved with sites that are in alignment with your passion will take you along way in this world! Keep up the great postings!

  2. I really appreciate that you are providing useful information. as far as SEO concern we have to update all search engine specially Google Panda And Penguin. We have much to learn Online SEO Training any professional SEO Sites

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