Google Places Ranking Changes

Google Map Ranking Changes October 2012.

We have seen some interesting changes in the Google Maps rankings over the last week. The thing is, we have seen it on sites we track, and know that (in most cases) there haven’t been any new backlinks or any changes to the site itself in a while.  This is wonderful because we know it had little to so with anything the client did, or we did in promoting the site.

I’ll make this short, because if you are reading this you may have seen the same thing, and want to know what is going on!  Well, thanks to a very good Local SEO in CA. that I can not remember the name right now (but will come back and credit when I find it) we started to look at the meta titles on sites that dipped.

Sites that dipped used a location keyword twice in the title.  Several had a location keyword in the domain as well.  Maybe this is part of Google’s exact match domain changes.  And maybe it looks at both the domain and the meta Title.

My bet is, if you have a site that has a location keyword in the Domain, and uses that same location keyword in the meta title, you have seen a drop in Google Maps ranking.

More to follow, and please let me know what you see.






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