Twitter and Local SEO

A fellow SEO just noticed some major keywords are showing up on the first page of Google.  I wonder if you use a hashtags on your tweets for your company or a local brand (company name) of it would do the same thing?

Here are two quick examples of Twitter Hashtags showing up from searches in Denver:  Searched : Earthquake

twitter forst page earth QScreenshot_1

Here is a search for Denver

twitter on First page ColoradoScreenshot_1

I think I will start Tweeting with the Company as a hashtag and see what happens. I will use #Myonecall.

Any one else want to help just to see if it shows up?


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2 thoughts on “Twitter and Local SEO”

  1. What other suggestions do you have about getting people to follow or come back to your businesses company page on Twitter? I like the hashtag idea, I hadn’t really thought about that before. Are there other ways to get people to notice your company on Twitter?

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