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Sales Crystal Ball

One of the largest mistakes you can make when you are starting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is skipping identification of your most likely prospects.

Almost all SEO’s will start with a Keyword analysis, but far to many don’t think about where these prospects can be found.  As a easy example, if you are selling Insurance and do nothing but a key word analysis,  you may have a good idea of what your best prospects will type into the search box, but you are still a long way away from providing a high ROI laser targeted SEO program.

When we provide a sales crystal ball program to a client, it starts with the following pages.  By reading this you can get a much better idea of how to create a laser targeted SEO campaign.  If you think of that Insurance program I mentioned above, why would you not want to know specifically the locations, incomes, and why customers buy the insurance before you start.

Here is a good way to start developing a laser targeted profile. It’s generic, and can be customize to SEO or any marketing and sales programs.

Overview of Commonalities

Identification and the analysis of what traits your best customers have in common is the foundation of developing a laser targeted list of new prospects. Without this information companies will waste both time and money marketing and selling to prospects who are unlikely to buy from them, and if sold may become a low quality customer.

With a laser targeted list provided through the Crystal Ball process your sales and marketing will be far more productive. You will spend your time and money attracting better clients while maintaining your current marketing budget. The combination of spending targeted dollars on better prospects will lead to your business selling faster and more in a shorter period of time.

Your Crystal Ball program is designed to fine tune and pinpoint three areas that are the basis for any marketing campaign.

———–> Laser targeted List

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———–> Compelling message


———–> Reach tactics

In our process, we have identified the commonalities that are shared between your best customers. We then apply our years of experience in business analysis and marketing to establish not only mathematically what the highest scores are in each trait, but also to assess the value of that trait for your marketing. A simple high percentage of total score in a trait does not in and by itself mean that trait has high value.

As an example, many  Crystal Ball clients will score high in their best clients utilization of social media. But, even though there may be a very high  percentage of your best clients using Social Media to promote their services, it won’t cause a high overall score based on the fact that we would expect the normal percentage in this area to be around 70%. So in fact, although there is a very high percentage as a  total of your best customers, the percentage is normal, and does not produce a high score unless other unique attributes can be assigned to this trait.

To determine the overall scores on a trait we look at three areas.

1.) Is the number of customers to the total high.  For example, if 17 of 20 customers have the same trait,  that would be a 8.5  baseline score. That by itself is a very high score.
2.) Is it unusual to see this percentage in this trait considering your industry. Using the social media example above the answer would be no, and the score is adjusted to represent that depending on the exact percentage score and the normalcy of this trait percentage.
3.) And then, how pertinent is it to the identification of your laser targeted list. During the analysis we may find several areas that have a high percentage of total, and are unusually, but in fact, based on years of experience  we know  that this particular trait is not worth focusing on.

As you can see, with some solid research, and analytically assessments you can find a Gold mine of information that will help you as a business or an SEO as a vendor provide a true laser targeted list of prospects.

By Mike Bayes

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