2018 SEO and Internet Marketing. Things Are Changing!

Things are changing!  The 2018 version of the way the Internet is used is significantly different than just a few years ago and continues to evolve.  How fast can things change? For some of us,  an Internet without Google is still a very clear memory.  Things change fast, and you need to adjust as they do.

Today 70% + of all traffic is going through three websites (and their owned properties) those being, Google (YouTube), Facebook (Instagram), and Amazon and this trend is increasing every year, with no signs of slowing down. Think of that, 3 out of 4 users are on one of those three sites at any time. The other user is on one of the other millions of sites that exist.

This is Important! >>>>>
Add to that the new proposed changes to the “Net Neutrality” regulations that could go into effect in 2018,  which may allow ISP’s to offer discounts to users who for example only want access to the big three, and its time for a new approach to Internet promotion, marketing, and visibility.
Although SEO continues to be a viable option for those sites that already have decent Google rankings or presence, new sites are becoming much more difficult to push into the first few spots for searches.  Google also has done a good job of showing the paid ads first both in the Maps results and the organic listings.  A huge change from a few years ago.  Great organic listings simply are not as valuable as they were once, because they have been pushed down the page, and therefore are not seen nearly as much. (For popular keyword searches)
So whats the solution?
Google: Use a small and highly targeted pay per click program.  Ad words have a pretty bad reputation for results, but with an intelligent approach with an experienced manager, you can see a good return on investment. (we have excellent references).
Also, uploading and promotion of Youtube videos are part of the Facebook and Google strategy.  YouTube has a completely different system for ranking videos as opposed to Googles search engine, so to get a video viewed it’s important to understand YouTube SEO
Facebook: Facebook has become a pay for play service, for the most part for businesses. In its favor, it has excellent demographic targeting and is less expensive than Ad Words.  The challenge is having new and interesting posts to promote and having a clear understanding of your target audience.  It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to research, develop, write, post and promote a post after you have your campaign set up.
SEO:  Local SEO has become a niche Geo and topic game.  You can see good results if you focus intently on defined geographic areas, and narrow services or products.  Its called Hyperlocal SEO, and it still works.
Here’s what we are suggesting as the basic program to keep you visible and allow new prospects to find you on this new Internet.  For around $1300  a month you can have the Google, and Facebook marketing covered, and see a good return on investment using:
1.)  Google Pay per click.   We design your ads, and campaigns and then manage and improve them monthly.  Our strategy is to start very narrow and grow as you see success.
2.) A  Monthly Interview on the 24-7 home show site. This is hosted on Youtube with a link to the site as well as On the 24-7 home show site.  You can also use the interviews on your site at no charge.  We advertise the interview on Facebook.
3.)  Individual FaceBook posting on your facebook page.  We post and promote interesting and promotional pieces on Facebook. You’ll reach 1000’s of potential customers monthly through their Facebook feed.
4.)  (Optional) Hyperlocal SEO.  Define the most important areas to market into for your service(cities), clearly, define the service you want to sell and we write the plan, which includes new Hyperlocal SEO content to your site, backlinks to those pages and promotion of those pages to get them well ranked on Google.
Google my business is also a must for local companies.  We set it up, and optimize it for you.
We know every business is different and will customize an Internet marketing program specific to you.

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