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My One Call, LLC has been assisting companies in growing revenues for almost two decades. We work with businesses to increase revenues through building effective marketing plans,  sales training and assistance, search engine optimization, and sales programs. Through these programs, we have helped generate over 200 million dollars in client sales.

We have over 30 years of successful experience in hiring, training, and managing sales organizations from 8 to 650 employees in size, as well as years of product development and marketing. Our senior management has the following
experience: COO  of People First Companies- President Swift Current Marketing  ( My One Call LLC)
– Vice President of Sales at USA.NET
– Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MCIDirect
– Senior Vice President of Sales at P.S.T. (One of Colorado’s 100 largest private companies-1996)

Our senior managers are required to have held the position of Vice President or above with direct P/L responsibilities for a company or division with multi-million dollar revenues, and or experience in starting and growing a successful startup or small company.


Every member of the My One Call team has real world and current experience in running successful business operations. You will work with individuals who have extraordinary insight into building your sales and revenue.


Contact: 720-254-1234, mike@myonecall.com


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