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Denver SEO Success Story

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Denver SEO Success Story

I just got off the phone with one of our Denver SEO clients.  It’s  a business coach who we have been working on their Denver SEO for about a month.

She shared with me that she had just signed up a new client based solely on her ranking under Denver Business Coach on Google. That was the keyword phrase we started with to get her company more visible.

That one client will pay for the optimization program 10 times over. And that’s just the start.

We did Denver SEO for a linen rental company late last year (2010)  and the owner told me he gets about two new clients a month from the Google listing.

Each client bills over $12,000  a year.  So, at that rate he would have an additional 24 clients a year billing $288,000.00  in annual gross billing just based on his SEO program.  I may have to go to a percentage of sales on these Denver SEO programs!  😉

That’s why I really love SEO.  When done correctly, it’s the best R.O.I. a company can have in advertising.

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Denver SEO and Google Social

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Denver SEO and Google Social Media

Denver SEO is changing again with the news this week that Google is now including some of your friends social media links in with your search results. I tried it myself yesterday using several keyword searches I knew I had tweeted about, and there they were, first page under my Google search results.

So Denver SEO and National SEO practices need to change again, and start to consider how a company is “optimized”  or visible on Twitter, and other social media properties.  For the moment Google can not include face book mentions, as face book has a deal with Bing.

Here is a good blog on it at by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.

With the Google results, it will only show social mention and links from your friends on Google.  So for this to have any effect on your results, you will need to have added a lot of friends to your google accounts.  But the main point for all of us is how focused the search engine world is on finding the right balance to bring social media into the search engine results.  It also means that search engine optimization continues to become more and more complex.

So what should a local business be doing about this?  For Denver SEO you need to make sure you have a twitter account in your company name and use it. Tweet about the services and products you want to promote, and include the URL of your site once and a while.   Make sure write blogs (and make sure the blog is on your URL) and tweet about your blogs as well.

A Google spokesperson said this is just the beginning of social integrated results.  SEO’s in Denver should pause for a moment and understand what this means.

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SEO In Denver information

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SEO in Denver or any “local” area, has a lot to do with simple marketing principles applied to the Internet.

One of the most powerful tools a local company can use for SEO in Denver is obtaining good reviews for their service or company from customers.

For SEO Denver, the best sites to encourage your clients to review you on are Google places, Insider Pages, Judy’s book,  Yahoo Local  and if you are a restaurant, Yelp.

Start getting good reviews and watch your local listings get higher and higher in Google.!  More to follow on details and programs you can use for SEO in Denver.

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SEO In Denver and PPC

We get asked about using pay per click by our search engine optimization clients pretty often.  In most cases they are asking specifically about Google pay per click services.

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We have been running ad words campaigns for 7 years for clients and our own services and have found them to be effective in generating new clients.

Like all advertising and marketing, you need a well thought out program. With Google’s ad words program you have choices on where to advertise (Geo location specific)  who to advertise to (demographic choices) when to advertise (Day’s, times), Daily budget  and what key words to focus on.

We suggest (as does Google) that you start with a very narrow group of keywords, and once you get enough history make changes and add more.

It’s very important that the ad you write match closely to the keywords you choose,  and the landing page it is sent to needs to match as well.  All of these factor into what you end up paying per click. It’s called a quality score, and you can read more about Google quality score here.

One of the best parts to PPC is you can “cover all your bases”  on possible searched for your service or product.  A good SEO campaign can get you well ranked for some keywords, but rarely will it give your site visibility on many of the secondary terms. That’s where PPC services come in. Or while you are in the process of search engine optimization.

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

When we explain SEO, or search engine optimization, to business owners, we explain it in this analogy.

SEO is like a popularity contest back in high school.  Every one wants to be liked by Google.  So the first thing is Google has to like your looks.  In this case, that’s your site.  Google like’s sites with good content,  easy navigation,  and a site that is clear what it’s about.

The second thing Google wants to know is who likes you ( who you hang out with). In this case what other sites like you, and how does Google feel about those sites. If they are popular, your site is going to pick up some popularity points in this contest. A site’s trust is also very important, is Google confident that the site that mentions your site is on the “good” list.


Google also wants you to be popular with sites that are related to you. No one likes a wishy washy site.  Are the sites that like you, related to what you are?

And Google knows who likes you (your site) by what other sites link back to you, or give you a mention.

If you want to see more about how Google Index’s web sites check out our  SEO Page and the video by Google’s own Matt Cutts.