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Does Social Media Marketing Work For Small Business?

After a interesting conversation on my Google Plus page based on the question has anyone seen any direct sales results based on their Social Media programs, I came up with the following conclusions about Local companies and how they can use Social Media. You can see the conversation here:

Social Media does not in and by itself create sales, what it does do is add value to all your other methods of marketing.  It’s like adding high octane gas to your marketing tank, or 4 hour energy 24 hours a day for your branding, or super vitamins for your marketing program.

Social media is not advertising

Social media is just one piece in a businesses P.R. and Branding

Social media is reputation management.

PR is making the Public aware of your brand and company. Social media plays the biggest roll in this.

On average a new customer will see your message 7 to 11 times before buying. Social media is one – three of these touches.

You can not quantify directly the role of reputation in your sales. You can however use correlation, and then it is clear, selling a known brand out performs the same exact service/product under an unknown brand.  Today Social Media plays a large role in your reputation.

Social Media does not in and by itself create sales, what it does do is add value to all your other methods of marketing.  It’s like adding high octane gas to your marketing tank, or 4 hour energy 24 hours a day for your branding, or super vitamins for your marketing program.

Those are the main points I would make to any small business thinking of using social media.


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13 Good Luck Tactics For Your SEO Programs


13 Good Luck Tactics for your SEO program.

We all know SEO is hard work, and lot’s of research, but as in anything, some good luck is always welcome. Here are the top 13 tatctics to attract good luck for your SEO.

1.) Type in your search term every hour, click on your listing, stay on home page AT LEAST 45 seconds. Click onto another page. Stay there as you hold your breath to the count of 10.

2.) Do this again from another IP address, but stick your tongue out as you hold your breath.

3.) Go to any of the Google blogs, and make HIGHLY positive comments about them. But be sincere, like you can tell them how great their Google Places service team is.


Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase


4.) Go to Rand Fishkin’s wife’s blog and make a comment about how smart her husband is.  . Buy the way, it’s a great blog!

5.) Never, ever mention SEO in any article or published piece that in any way can be associated with you or a client.

6.) State on your site you do not list clients because you don’t want Google to know who they are.

7.) Each week mention how sexy your wife or girlfriend thinks Matt Cutts is. Post a picture of her on your blog. If need be, post a picture of a model and say its your girlfriend or wife. You can extra points if you mention it here.

8.) Always use broad match in your Adwords… and spend too much.

9.) Do a blog weekly on how great Google Plus is. Extra credit if you bash facebook or microsoft. (I find that pretty easy to do).

10.) Just tell people they can find your site by Googling you or your company name, because, yes, you are that good. ( You might remind them to add the city after the name just in case)

11.) Carry a lucky mouse foot around in your pocket with your keyword and site written on it.



Computer mouse
Computer mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


12.)  Brag about your new Chromebook on your Facebook page and refer them to the post you made about it on your Google + page.

13.) Hire someone from fiverr to search on google just like this:
Your Company name | Popular in your keyword   100 times a day.

Using all of these on a consistent basis will do wonders for your rankings. Do you have any you can add?

These are just some that work for us..  What good luck tactics have you found work?


Mike Bayes



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SEO Programs Need Laser Target Prospects

Crystal ball Français : Boule de cristal
Sales Crystal Ball

One of the largest mistakes you can make when you are starting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is skipping identification of your most likely prospects.

Almost all SEO’s will start with a Keyword analysis, but far to many don’t think about where these prospects can be found.  As a easy example, if you are selling Insurance and do nothing but a key word analysis,  you may have a good idea of what your best prospects will type into the search box, but you are still a long way away from providing a high ROI laser targeted SEO program.

When we provide a sales crystal ball program to a client, it starts with the following pages.  By reading this you can get a much better idea of how to create a laser targeted SEO campaign.  If you think of that Insurance program I mentioned above, why would you not want to know specifically the locations, incomes, and why customers buy the insurance before you start.

Here is a good way to start developing a laser targeted profile. It’s generic, and can be customize to SEO or any marketing and sales programs.

Overview of Commonalities

Identification and the analysis of what traits your best customers have in common is the foundation of developing a laser targeted list of new prospects. Without this information companies will waste both time and money marketing and selling to prospects who are unlikely to buy from them, and if sold may become a low quality customer.

With a laser targeted list provided through the Crystal Ball process your sales and marketing will be far more productive. You will spend your time and money attracting better clients while maintaining your current marketing budget. The combination of spending targeted dollars on better prospects will lead to your business selling faster and more in a shorter period of time.

Your Crystal Ball program is designed to fine tune and pinpoint three areas that are the basis for any marketing campaign.

———–> Laser targeted List

SuperTarget logo, 2006–present.

———–> Compelling message


———–> Reach tactics

In our process, we have identified the commonalities that are shared between your best customers. We then apply our years of experience in business analysis and marketing to establish not only mathematically what the highest scores are in each trait, but also to assess the value of that trait for your marketing. A simple high percentage of total score in a trait does not in and by itself mean that trait has high value.

As an example, many  Crystal Ball clients will score high in their best clients utilization of social media. But, even though there may be a very high  percentage of your best clients using Social Media to promote their services, it won’t cause a high overall score based on the fact that we would expect the normal percentage in this area to be around 70%. So in fact, although there is a very high percentage as a  total of your best customers, the percentage is normal, and does not produce a high score unless other unique attributes can be assigned to this trait.

To determine the overall scores on a trait we look at three areas.

1.) Is the number of customers to the total high.  For example, if 17 of 20 customers have the same trait,  that would be a 8.5  baseline score. That by itself is a very high score.
2.) Is it unusual to see this percentage in this trait considering your industry. Using the social media example above the answer would be no, and the score is adjusted to represent that depending on the exact percentage score and the normalcy of this trait percentage.
3.) And then, how pertinent is it to the identification of your laser targeted list. During the analysis we may find several areas that have a high percentage of total, and are unusually, but in fact, based on years of experience  we know  that this particular trait is not worth focusing on.

As you can see, with some solid research, and analytically assessments you can find a Gold mine of information that will help you as a business or an SEO as a vendor provide a true laser targeted list of prospects.

By Mike Bayes

See more about the Sales Crystal Ball here

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Tips on Selling More For SEO And Small Business.

This collection of tips came through 20+ years of managing sales teams while developing more than $220 million in sales revenue.

I’ve been lucky in my life having worked around some of the more successful and talented sales professionals in the country. During the 1990s my sales force of 650 sold more than $80 million a year in recurring revenue for Telecom services. Since 2003, my company has averaged a 17-to-1 return on investment for every dollar our clients have spent with us.  Based on these successes, here are some tips for business owners about sales, salespeople, and just plain selling:

1. Dogs have to like the dog food

Here’s an old sales story: A national sales manager is at a meeting with his sales managers from across the country. They have recently launched a new brand of dog food A supermarket's pet food aisle in Brooklyn, Ne...and the sales numbers are terrible. He is ranting and raving about how much marketing has been done, the dollars they’re spending, and no one is selling the new dog food. He asks the group what’s going on! And a small voice in the back of a very quiet room speaks up, “I don’t think dogs like the way it tastes.”

For success, start with your product. Make it taste really good. Too many business owners refuse to accept that a sales problem may, in fact, be a bad product or service. Honestly evaluate your products and services as well as your competition. Make yours better, faster, more affordable. Then go sell it!

Your sales staff will be more productive and your customers will be more loyal. See the end of this blog for some tips directly related to SEO services.

2. Most salespeople are like plumbers

Plumbers make more than many other trades. You know why? Plumber's buttBecause they do the stuff other people don’t want to do. In my experience, 75 percent of salespeople are in sales not because they are trained and passionate sales professionals, but because they will do the stuff other people don’t want to do: they will pick up the phone and make cold calls. You don’t have to be good at sales to make cold calls any more than you have to be good at plumbing to clean out a septic tank. Just make sure that when it comes to your salespeople, you hire the professionals that are passionate about their work; otherwise, you may as well hire a plumber.

3. Great salespeople work for high compensation

The average outside sales rep in Colorado earns around $58,000 a year before benefits. If you’re going to pay an average wage, expect average performance, which in sales means you should hire a plumber. If you want top performance, offer top pay.

4. You can’t hire commission only salespeople to sell your product

Commission only sales representatives must have the opportunity to make $1,500 a week, every week within their first month with your company. And they need to be paid quickly. Can your product support this? No. Stop thinking about hiring cheap sales help, and start thinking about how to make your product irresistible to buyers. Once you have an irresistible product you may be able to hire a commission only sales force because plumbers will be able to give it away.

5. The number one factor in achieving your sales goals is …

… a really great product or service.  Period.

6. Most good salespeople are egotists

This is true. If you do not know how to manage egotistical personalities, don’t.  Hire an experienced sales manager or a therapist to manage them. Some of the best salespeople I have ever worked with were pains to be around. They whined, they were always late, they didn’t come to mandatory training, and they didn’t play nicely with others. What they did was sell. All they needed was a cheer leader, not a manager.What’s on the score board?

Most sales managers only know how to manage plumbers because that’s what most salespeople are. Plumbers show up for meetings, fill out the reports, and struggle to make minimum sales; but they always have their shovel with them. The problem is you may be tempted to hire plumbers, because they’re easier to manage and will fit in with your company culture better.  So if you are going to hire and manage plumbers, make sure you have a product that is irresistible to buyers.

I think I’ve made my point. Most sales programs are usually handed off to plumbers to sell. Your only chance for great sales success is to spend a great deal of time making your product or service irresistible to buyers. Trust me, in most cases, this is far more effective and a better return on investment than actually building a professional sales force with top notch management. Why? Because if your product is really good, you’ll attract the best sales professionals anyway.

This leads to my final point for today:

7. Great salespeople aren’t hired, they choose the company they want to work for

Given this, your job as a business owner is to build a service or product that is irresistible. Once you have that, your salespeople will become superstars (and you can throw the shovels away).

And, as promised for the SEO’s of the world.  How can you build an irresistible service?  Step One: Ask your clients what they feared most when signing up for your service. Then develop a 100% iron clad guarantee that what they listed , will not happen.

Steps 2-5 available by request.


Click to talk with Mike right now, or leave a message about this post.

Mike Bayes is President of My One Call LLC a business development firm based in Lafayette Colorado.
303 500 3053 Ext 1

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Do Top Google Local Rankings Equal High Sales For Small Business?

Do Top Google Local Rankings Equal High Sales?

As a business development firm as well as a Denver SEO we get to look at all sorts of data. One of the reports we run shows all of the Denver Metro Area construction permits issued over a period of time. We use this to help guide marketing efforts for clients.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the top ranked basement finishing companies on Google to the rankings of basement finishing companies by number of sales in Denver over the last three months. If top Google rankings for important (highly searched) keywords are valuable in selling more, then they should show up very high on number of basements sold.

Clearly this is a correlation, not causation, and we are only working with one type search-

“Denver Basement Finishing”.  We are not looking at location based searches and rankings, like setting our browser to a suburb and searching “basement finishing”. We can however with relative confidence say that the top ranked sites we see are very well ranked in the other search types for local.  Those being: just the keyword, keyword plus suburb, keyword + zip.

Here is the screen shot of the search “Basement Finishing Denver”

So the top Three Google ranked sites under this search are:

Finished Basement Company

Basements and Beyond

Elkstone Basements

How does this stack up to the number of Permits issued for basement finishing in the Denver Metro Area from June 1st, 2012 through 8-20-12?

Top Sales of Basements in Denver

1.)    Elkstone Basements  with 15

2.)    Finished Basement Company 09

3.)    Tie. Finished Basement Company 05 and two others. (The Basement Company and RS Master Builders).

There are 258 total basement Permits listed from Contractors. These three companies sold 31 of those or 12% of the total.  There are 174 different contractors on the report, these three only represent 1.7 % of all the companies on the report.  The average contractor sold 1.4 basements. The top three in the Google results sold an average of 9.7 basements. That is 7 times as many as the average.

You can see the data we used at the bottom of this blog. Raw data sorted by Company name. You can pull this information from the  (not sure if you need a membership or not)

It also is noteworthy that Elkstone Basements (a client) does Pay Per Click on Google. We didn’t see the other top two in the Pay Per Click ads.

There are many other factors that could influence a basement finishing company’s sales. Some of those being other marketing they do, number of referrals they receive, competitiveness of their pricing, their sales process, and people just seeing their trucks!

But there is no question there is a very strong relationship between high Google Rankings and High Sales.

A note on the data: We removed home builders who had a basement permit, as these appear to be new construction sales and not in the same category as the others.

Here is the spread sheet info after sorting.  Each time the company is named it represents a permit being approved for a basement.  See it on Google Docs

Wouldn’t it be great if we had access to this type information for all types of business?  We could make a strong case that web visibility provides a very strong return on investment, and in the world of SEO and Marketing, that is a case we are consistently trying to make.

Feel free to call me if we can help you with your Business  development.  303 500 3053 . We work with Contractors,  SEO’s, Web Design Firms, and Just about every type small company you can imagine!




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Add Pay Per Click to Your SEO Campaigns?

Time to Add Pay Per Click to Your Denver SEO Campaigns? The Answer is yes.

Google has done a masterful job of slowly, yet consistently diminishing the visibility of the local maps on search engine results over the last 18 months.

Let me give you an example.  Here are the results from a search for Mold Removal Denver about 2 years ago.

Here they are now (June 2012)

Here’s another example of Electrician Northglenn CO. from a few years ago.

Here are the results today:

For a great overview and infographic on this read and view the David Mihm web design and Local SEO blog at

It’s pretty clear… for great Internet visibility for your site, working on Google Maps (now Google Plus Local) is only part of the strategy. Not long ago it could provide the vast majority of your traffic. Today, it’s only a piece.

I have been involved very recently in two conversations where clients are under the impression that people don’t click on the Pay Per Click ads. This is very understandable from someone who knows something about how Google serves search results, because we all know someone just paid to be there. As I pointed out in each conversation, it is somewhat amazing to me how many Denver business owners are NOT aware that the top three results (in many cases) are in fact paid advertising.  And the more recent research seems to indicate that generically, about 15% of clicks are on Pay Per Click Ad’s. Hey… that’s as good as being in a top 3 position!

And, it’s not all that different than the days when consumer’s used the yellow pages to find local services. The biggest ads where (and are) listed first, and they receive the vast majority of the calls. People understand that they were paid advertising, and didn’t page back to find the smaller or line ads, because the company didn’t pay for that listing.

So a complete SEO program needs to take in to account three different areas, those being, organic search, local results , and Pay per Click advertising. And it should be designed to take into account the four different methods a person may use to conduct a local search:

Keyword + Suburb


Keyword+ Major City

Keyword + zip

Each serves up different results.

Another big advantage of using the Google Ad words program is you can see great traffic statistics for key words that have become unavailable since Google stopped providing this information on many searches.

So to answer the original question, should you be using Pay Per Click?  Yes, but,  Ad words has become increasing difficult for a novice to navigate. It’s easy to waste a lot of money if you are not trained and familiar with keyword types (exact match, Phrase match, Broad Match, Negative match and others) as well as the location targeted, quality scores and types of bidding available.

Our suggestion is at least have a Internet Marketing firm who has experience in PPC set up and monitor your ad words (and any other PPC services) for you.  We have lot’s of clients getting strong return on investment using PPC.

Please feel free to call me at 303-500-3053 ext 1 if you want some help.  I may not pick up, as I get several calls a day from this blog, and have lots of other phone calls and meetings to be on or in, but I will call you back! Or feel free to email me as well at



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Search Engine and Social Media Marketing in Denver

SEO and Social Media in Denver

Social Media is hard for many small businesses to understand. I’m not talking about how it works, or what it is, I am talking about its value as a business tool. Search Engine Optimization on the other hand, is pretty straight forward. If your site is ranked higher on Google, more people will call you.

White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques...
White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques in search engine marketing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reason we have a love hate relationship with social media is it’s not advertising, and we are use to thinking in terms of return on investment when we promote our services. I would use the term branding when it comes to using social media, and branding, up until recently has been the domain of the largest of large companies.  Branding also has traditional had a very high price tag.

I recently was reading a research study on how new prospects actually found a business. The premise was very few new customers just make a keyword search, click on your site and call.  The vast majority of people had  contact or visibility into the company they ultimately bought from in 3 or more places.  The search was just the last place.

It’s nothing new. Marketing your business is not done through one path. The most successful small and medium businesses understand this, and use every option available for there budget. Social media, with out a question falls into this.  It’s not expensive, and you can laser target your prospects. You want a  potential customer to see you every where they look!

One of our clients is currently one of the fastest growing B2C services in the state, if not country.  We never use one path, we use a minimum of four at all times.

So what ‘Paths” should you use to reach new clients or customers?

Here is a list. What you pick depends on your industry, but first, always start with a very well thought out targeted prospect list!  Who are your prospects, where are your prospects, how do they find companies like yours?

  • Search Engine Marketing (Includes SEO, Local SEO, and PPC programs)
  • Customer referral programs
  • Direct mail ( To very specific targeted prospects)
  • Radio and TV
  • Trade Shows

    First page of a 1928 direct mail marketing adv...
    First page of a 1928 direct mail marketing advertisement for seafood products from Frank E. Davis Fish Company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Cross selling
  • Yard and truck signs (B2C)
  • Networking (B2B)
  • Awards
  • Print advertising

And many more. I assume some of you are saying and thinking you have tried many of these and they “don’t work”. Well, you’re right, unless they have been exceptionally well thought out, and targeted, then they probably won’t work.  A branding campaign needs a great deal of thought, experience and great execution, and nothing replaces experience, nothing.  That’s one of the reasons we constantly survey and review what advertising and promotion does work for our clients and other businesses across the country.

If you need help with your companies branding, we have the experience to safely navigate the way.  Call us for a free consultation at 303 500 3053 Ext 1.




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What Advertising Works for Small Business?

Part of our service offering is interviewing hundreds of business owners on what advertising methods work (and which do not) for their company. From time to time we will publish the actually questionnaire and interview with someone who has had great success in marketing.

This month we spoke with Matt Shoup the President of M & E Painting, based on Northern Colorado. Here’s a little about Matt, and his answers to our questions on SEO, and advertising.

Matt Shoup Founded M & E Painting with only $100 to his name in 2005 after being laid off from the corporate world.  This event only reignited Matt’s true passion for entrepreneurship, and he has never looked back. Since then, M & E Painting has grown to a multi-million-dollar, award winning company and Northern Colorado’s largest and most recognized painting contractor.  From 2005 to 2010, the company grew 500%!  Since inception, M & E Painting has served over 3,400 clients and maintains a 98.6% customer satisfaction rating.  In 2009, Matt founded his second company Shoup Consulting.  Matt’s mission is to inspire entrepreneurs around the world.  He does this by speaking, writing, and coaching. You can see one of Matt’s companies at

Here is the Interview on what works for Matt and his company.


What forms of advertising and promotion does your company use now?

PR (awards, press and media hits), direct mail, Send Out Cards, referrals from customers, outdoor branding, sign spinners, internet

What have you found to be the best advertising or promotion programs?

Doing a great job for people and getting them to talk about you.  Retention of clients has been by far Send Out Cards, and branding and awareness has been sign spinning.

What advertising or promotion have you used in the past that you no longer utilize and why?

Some of the cheaper low quality direct mail has not worked well.  We swear by Val Pak and have loved their service and ROI

How do you track the effectiveness of your advertising?

We track where every single lead comes from when they call.

Do you find certain types of advertising have a better closing percentage?


Do you have a certain percentage of gross sales you use for an advertising budget?

6 to 7%

Do you have a formal referral process for customers to utilize?

Yes, we send customers to dinner when they refer us new work.

What’s the easiest lead generation source you utilize?


What’s the best Lead generation source for your company?

Direct mail

What are the best long term return on investment advertising programs you use?

Direct mail and outdoor branding

Any comments on the following type of advertising?

TV- no thanks

Radio- no thanks

Print magazines- some are okay, but do not use too many ourselves

Print Coupons- people love them, generates lots of calls

Direct mail (individual to homes or Businesses)- very awesome as well

Door Hangers/fliers- very low ROI

Pay per click advertising- people are figuring out you pay for this, go organic

Search Engine Optimization- works great for us.

Social Media- too much to get confused on, focus on one like Facebook, Twitter, etc and master it.

Telemarketing- can’t stand to get the calls so would never make them

Trade Shows- not great ROI, lots of looky loos

Referral programs- people love a little incentive

Lead groups- no thanks

BBB  Membership- these guys are the necessary evil.  Don’t really like the way they do things

Sales People  – gotta have them to leverage your self

Business Development programs

Canvassers – no thanks,

Internet lead services like Service Magic, Angie’s List, Dave Logan, Tom Martino.

( A certain co-op lead service branded by a local personality)  is a crook and a huge hypocrite, I was called by one of his scummy sales guys.  Talk about say one thing and do the other.  No thanks.  Angies List seems to be a great truthful source for both company and contractors



It’s always interesting to hear what a company is getting great value from. In M&E’s case they do well in some very none traditional areas. Sign Spinners, Send out Cards, and customer referral programs.  They also give Val Pak a big thumbs up as well as organic search (SEO).

SO far in our most recent round of interviews there are a few surprises.  Trade shows are not doing as well in the thumbs up category as they once were, and we see formal referral programs gaining a lot of traction. If you are a home Improvement company interested in seeing the full report, it’s available for members of the 24-7 Home Show group. You can see info here   (Full disclosure , Mike Bayes is a partner in Bayes Squared llc the operating company for 24-7 home Show).

We will be publishing these results as often as we can. Your company is welcome to add to the discussion here (in the comments) or if you would like an individual interview, please contact us at to arrange.

Leads for Contractors and Value of Leads

Denver, Colorado, Usa
Image via Wikipedia

One of the reasons that sites like Service Magic, and in Denver, Team Dave Logan have managed to survive, and perhaps prosper, is they provide a significant value in credibility for a contractor who has not established that on their own.

Service Magic brings a huge amount of advertising budget, history, and customer base to the marketing field, and Logan brings name recognition and local trust. A single local contractor has a very long road to doing the same for their company with out help.

There are alternatives to using on line co-op lead generation services, and the more experienced and success home improvement companies will work hard at establishing their own  brand and local presence through investing in a strong web site, and then using Internet Marketing to get the visibility they need. Both cost more than buying six $50.00  (give or take) on line leads per month, generated through co-op providers,  but in the long run can provide a much greater return on investment for their advertising dollars.

For clients I work with , in most cases, I will  recommend they use both co-op  and individually branded leads.  Frankly, if I am a home improvement company with a unique product and excellent service, I want any lead there is (until proved low value for the investment)

On the scale of quality the Best leads are always referrals.  And we can use closing percentage as a basis.

Best Lead sources for a contractor:

1. Referrals  ( Close 50% or higher). Referrals are limited to the size of your customer base, and your ongoing communication with them. Rarely will this one source bring in enough new business to sustain a contractor.

2.) Individual Leads generated through a good web site. ( Close 35% or more). This lead source saw YOUR work, and liked what YOU had to say. They is going to be a better connection.

3.) Co-op marketing on Line with a credible local provider. (Close 20% or higher). Lets face it, they don’t know you, and you will be competing against  some young overly aggressiveness pricing models at times.  Many of these leads are price shoppers, and the worst part of this lead is the soft cost involved in providing proposals and presenting your service and only winning 1 in 4 or 1 in 5. It’s a cost few contractors understand.

4.)  Other.  Print,  TV, Radio.  In most cases (and there are exceptions) these media types are poor return on investment.

There are plenty of other factors that effect all of this. If you are the low price leader you can live on co-op leads because your closing percentage will be higher.  If you specialize in providing high end services, you will not do well with co-op leads! And in either case, and all in between, if you are not a good sales person, it won’t matter.

Contractors with less than 2 years in business are still in the process of what we call, buying customers. It’s a natural and important process for most start ups. You have to earn your reputation. You have to earn your market share, and the most important thing a new company can do is get as many happy customers as possible.

That’s one of the reasons a company with 5 or more years experience is a good choice for many home remodeling projects. Nothing replaces experience, and they a much lower risk in having issues with your project.

As you can see, there is far more to lead generation than just buying a lead, or building a web site. Successful contractors spend a lot of energy on branding and advertising, and must become excellent sales and marketing companies to prosper in 2011 and beyond.

Feel free to contact My One Call LLC. We have been building and partnering with contractors for 8 years, and understand what works, and what doesn’t work. 303 500 3053 ext 1 (Sales) Web Site




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SEO Tips Denver CO.

SEO Tips in Denver

SEO tips for Denver Colorado web master s and business owners.

Recently Matt Cutts, the voice of Google for SEO , has been talking a bunch about the recent Panda changes at Google.  Here is what all this comes down to for SEO  and business owners.  Google says if someone will “book m,rk” your site, your in good shape for better rankings,  and then they add a hundred other things.  But, to me,  if we can focus on just that one aspect, the rest will fall in line quickly.

Here are some tips to get you thinking about why someone would book mark your site:

  • Calculators.  Useful information. How much will they save, spend, or what ever, for your service
  • Cartoons.  I know, odd, but a well done funny cartoon can get a lot of attention
  • Pictures of customers.  Good pictures will bring your customers back and they will tell there friends
  • Forums. Information with good interaction on your industry can bring lots of attention
  • Q  and A.  A well thought out Q.A. about important items in your industry
  • Videos  of ________.  How are process works, who are customers are, how we got started.
  • Tips.  Good tips they can not find somewhere else
  • DIY. Why not!  This can be very helpful
  • Contests. A good old fashion contest!

You don’t have to spend a ton of time linking other sites to yours if your site naturally attracts visitors through interesting and unique content.

Let us know what ideas work for you.


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