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Marketing in Denver

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Here is a simple principle that you must understand about Marketing. And you will understand the picture a little later.

Any tactic you use in your marketing that is worth doing, is worth doing abundantly. One of the first questions to ask when your goal is to drive new revenue, is this. “What do we do now that works?” Now, do more of that.

It’s that simple. Most businesses have at least one tactic they are using to market their product or service that is working.

If you are doing well with calls from the Internet, do more search engine optimization, add pay per click, develop a social media plan, build more content on your site, or do a major rebuild of your site.

If most of your business comes from referrals and word of mouth, start a formalized rewards program for the people who refer you the most, and make it a point to call one or two clients a day, or individuals you have a business relationship with , and give them a referral or good idea for their business.

Communication has a radar affect. When you begin to communicate to other businesses they will communicate back. For this to work the business most have already been on your radar screen, so to speak. In other words, they must know you. You can define the status of a business relationship by putting it into one of 4 groups.

1. They don’t know you
2. They know you
3. They trust you
4. They buy from you or promote you.

To build revenue fast you just want to move the business who are in group 2 and 3 to 4.

How do you get a business to trust you. It’s like radar, you need to trust them. Trust then enough to give a referral, or a suggestion for something that might help their company. You will receive back what you send out.

Make a list today of 25 business relationships, and spend an hour thinking what you could offer each. A referral? A suggestion for a networking opportunity, an introduction to someone, a co-op marketing plan, a mention on your web site? Do it with no strings attached, and do not make anything you are offering associated with what you sell. You will be amazed how quickly this simple tactic works in bringing you new clients and opportunities.

Y0u can hear more about the My One Call, llc sales coaching and consulting on our main site

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Denver Sales Training, or coaching?

One of the challenges we face in business is a clear description of what a business does.

We are a sales acceleration firm. As such, we do a lot of SEO in Denver, as it’s difficult to find a business who can not benefit from a strong SEO program.

That is why you will find so much information on SEO  on this blog. Scroll down to find that most of these blogs are about search engine optimization and Internet Marketing.

But, we also offer sales coaching for business owners and senior managers. Sales coaching is not sales training. It is a process to accelerate your businesses sales through a proven system.

I coached two of Denver’s fastest growing companies (as named by the Denver Journal in 2010). And we still do the SEO work for both. But I can tell you that the SEO without the sales coaching would have been far less effective in what every business really wants. It’s not about higher rankings, it’s about more revenue.

If you want to see more on our sales coaching you can view it here.

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Denver SEO and Good Marketing

It’s really the same thing. In our sales coaching, one of the main topics is how to sell more through business relationships.

Local SEO is just an extension of that principle. Your site needs to “build good relationships” with other local and national sites to attract attention.

In business you want to first, build great relationships with your current customers, and then build strategic relationships with other companies that can promote your service, and in turn you can promote theirs.

The bottom line on building better positive relationships in business is finding ways to support your customers and network in new and valuable ways.
Ask not what they can do for you, but ask what you can do for them.

A good step would be offering to write a letter of reference for their services, and allowing them to post it on their web site. Testimonials are an important part of building trust, and they should jump at the offer. It’s good for their site and company and if you add your business information to the testimonial include your web site, and that’s a plus for your SEO.

I truly believe that the way you advance your business is by helping others advance theirs. And just like with good local SEO, make sure you chose the companies you promote carefully, as you will be judged to an extent by their reputation.

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Local Search and SEO

No question that local search will be the buzz for the next year or two. In a recent SEO national gathering it was all the talk.

There’s good reason for that. More and more business owners are finding that their customers find them through an Internet search, and the majority of searches have a local intent.

Getting your business visible on search engines is no longer an option in many industries.

We get many clients who have been using other SEO forms with poor results. Do yourself a favor, ask for three local references (recent) and verify their rankings.

Why your Web Site Rankings Change

I recently had an email from a client asking about his Google site rankings moving a little bit over the last few days.  I thought the answer might be of interest to anyone asking that same question. So here is my response.
The things that impact your organic listings are:

  • Your site content
  • Your Back links
  • Other sites content
  • Other sites Back links and improvements to their sites
  • Google making changes to their methods of ranking sites by keyword.

So, in the world of organic listings you will see your site move a little from time to time.  As we only control 2 of the factors, we can only react to the others. I never get to concerned with a ranking moving down for a week or two. We need to let things “settle” a bit before we assume what’s happening.

The monthly web managed services program will help and should, over time, continue to both stabilize your rankings as well as move them closer to the top.
Google Local has a tendency to be more stable once you’re established (at least so far). We think that’s based on the current ranking methods which are not SEO based, but specific to Local. Many SEO firms don’t even consider the LOCAL box and therefore fewer changes seem to be made to those listings.

This of course is changing every day as more firms realize how important that piece is. Google also has a test going on in CA. giving Local companies the ability to buy a simplified version of PPC and placing it above the Local Box.  Seems to be little doubt this will get rolled out in one form or another nation wide over the next few months or quarters.  How that effects site traffic will remain to be seen.

In general, Google would like SEO tactics to disappear, and allow what ever systems they employee to completely dictate rankings. So, they continue to make moves to discount traditional SEO tactics, and encourage better Web site structure instead.  They continue to move to content being king and simple tactics like Meta tags, Keyword stuffed domain names, individual page name changes, and unrelated links becoming less important.
That’s why our monthly maintenance program makes sense. The first priority for us is to make sure we understand what’s changing every month, and then apply that knowledge to your Internet Visibility program. It’s also the reason we spend so much time on research and reporting.

For those of you interested in more information on our web visibility programs, or web managed services you can find more information on our site.