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Sales and SEO

How do Sales and SEO relate to each other?

And why would a company offer both Search engine optimization services and Sales programs?  Because, sales professionals and small business owners can spend up to 80% of their sales effort on generating leads.  And SEO is a very good way to reduce the dollars and time spent finding prospects.  The best thing a business can do to increase sales numbers, is increase the number of leads coming in.  That means more time is spent in front of a prospect instead of finding them. Then they can go to work on converting more leads into customers.

So,  in our sales programs the first thing we look at is how to generate more and better leads (unless a company has plenty of leads) .  SEO and pay per click (until the Internet Marketing kicks in) can provide a great start in this process.

That’s how we as a company got involved in search engine optimization, through developing sales leads and process. The very same reason many of you as business owners are looking at SEO. We think this gives us a unique view of Internet Marketing that can help you achieve your sales goals. We don’t view SEO or web popularity (as we like to call it) programs as stand alone systems. It needs to be part of your larger sales and service plans.

Feel free to view our sales programs on our site and check out the client comments as well.



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SEO and the voice of Saruman

A client calls a few weeks ago. He is interested in expanding his inbound marketing through more web visibility work, and adding content to his web site.   His site is currently in the number one position on Google and Bing for the targeted audience, and well represented through out the local web community.  He is very happy.

We give him a assessment and proposal to add content and do some additional work to make sure the new service is well ranked on the search engines.  He does mention he is looking at one other option, which I think is fine. One should always check out options when buying.

I speak with him yesterday. He went with the other option.  Because we have known him for a long time I feel comfortable asking why.  The other company is $149.00  per month and is building a web site for him included in the fee. The longer the discussion, the more clear to me that he has been “sold”, and that the decision was made on a bunch of marketing lingo and facts and figures some SEO’s use to bedazzle prospects and convince them they have the super secret, cross your fingers and hope to die information that for almost no money will bring them a huge amount of traffic and customers. Ie Yi Yi

This is what I call the Voice of Saruman syndrome. Remember Saruman the wizard from the Lord of the rings? Anyone listening to his voice (with the exception of a few very powerful other wizards and such) came under his spell, and would be convinced what he was saying was the truth and very powerful.

It happens so often in SEO and many other areas. SEO and I.T. seem to have a larger share of Saruman’s out there convincing businesses that their magic is the best magic. Perhaps it’s the nature of the business.

What is strikingly odd is this client really understands price and quality. We have discussed how his service isn’t cheap, and how he won’t lower his standards to offer poor work for low dollars.

Yet he listens to the voice of Saruman.

Here is what I advise , and the principle I use in business when selecting a service. First, if what I have is working I am not very likely to change.  If I am approached, I always ask this question, can you provide me with just 3 local accounts you have that will tell me what you are saying works.  That seems to knock out the VAST majority of bad decisions I might make while under the spell.

I should note this client is continuing with us on his existing service. I mean, you can not do much better than the number one spot.





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Generate More Leads

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Generate More Leads

The fastest way to generate leads is to improve your closing percentage (conversion rate) on the leads you get now.

The reason?  The amount of marketing dollars you have depends on the number of leads you close. If you close 50% more (moving your closing percentage from 25% to 50% as an example) you will be able to afford twice as many leads.

See the steps on our Lead generation page

Best leads sources?  Depends on what you sell, who you sell to, and your margins on your product.  The larger the market the more options you have to reach it.  The larger the margin, the more money you have to reach it.  The better your conversion rate, the more leads you can generate.  That’s why we start with conversion rates when working with a sales client on lead generation.

The number one return on investment in advertising for lead generation is SEO services. Thats why we provide them to clients.

The number one return on investment tactic in sales is relationship building.  But, as with all tactics and lead generation it is limited.

You need at least 10 different lead generation tactics going at all times to insure you have lot’s of new customers, or returning customers.  I will go into more detail on what those could be (specific to the Denver market, but gennerally effective nationwide)  in my next few blogs.

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Make More Sales

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Need to make more sales? Read on!


I just finished listening and viewing a 90 minute webinar about the “science” of in home selling.  I have a lot of clients who sell to the home owner, so keeping up on any new and interesting “science” is always good.

Let’s just say the content was about, ummm, 40 years old.  It’s been a long time since I heard about the “one more thing” close. Or as it evolved (around 1980) into the Colombo close.  I really hope that as a profession we “sales pro’s” can move past some of this stuff.

Here is what I know about selling.  If you want to sell something you do it the same way people get elected as President.  Years ago there was a very complicated, expensive, scientific research paper completed by a highly respected University or research center (none of this I can remember the details about)  that stated that the person who won the Presidential elections in this country had the advantage over the opponent in three areas.  Ready?  (and this is how you sell more as well… have the following advantages.)

  • They looked better
  • They sounded better
  • They felt better

Therefore they were more popular.

Put it to the test.  Did Regan look, sound, and feel better than Carter?  YES

Did Regan look, sound, and feel better than Mondale?  YES

Did Obama look, sound, and feel better than what’s his name?  Yes!

(These are in no way political statements!)  I also look at it like this. The person who gets elected in this country is always the one that the majority of people would rather have living on their block. Really. I am not joking.

So if you want to sell more, you need to look better than your competition, sound better, and feel better to your prospective clients.

So take a moment and ask yourself. How can I look better to my market?  How are your marketing materials looking these days? How do you dress when you go to a meeting?  Do you need a little gray hair for the service you sell (Consulting)  and you are 27?  Better bring a more senior person with you. (Or me.)

How do you Sound?  Confident, Organized, Interesting?

How do you feel?  When you leave are they going to say…  I just feel like they know what they are doing and they’re the right choice.

In those three questions, you can become a top 10%  sales pro. Or, you can go old school and  learn the feel- felt- and found method of overcoming what we call “objections”. 😉

Old School: Yes Joe,  I know how you FEEL, because you don’t have any money and lack the authority to make this decision, but many of my clients FELT that way until they FOUND out we don’t care if you pay us, and I will never tell your boss you did it. Now Joe, that makes sense doesn’t it? Joe:  “Well, Yes Mike it does! Thanks for helping me overcome what you thought was an objection, but was really a condition you should have identified long before you showed up here.”

I want to give you more on this later, but this may be a great help to the non-professionally trained business owner or manager who now needs to sell to survive.

You don’t need to know 14 different ways to overcome objections.  You don’t need to know 25 different style closes. (Although you really should know one.)  And you don’t need to be high pressure.  You just need to Look, Sound, and Feel better than the other guy.

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Sales training Denver


Sales Training in Denver

We do sales coaching, and are asked whats the difference between sales training and sales coaching. The first big difference is sales coaching is done with a business owner, or senior executive, and has a much broader scoop.

When we do sales training in Denver it’s very much like a football coach working with a position player. Sales coaching we are working with the coaches, and we start on the play book.

Sales coaching unlike sales training Denver, starts with the number one opportunity to increase a companies sales, their service or product offering, and at times, it may re write the entire “playbook”  a business uses.  How they approach the market and what they comminicate will have a larger effect on revenue than sales training in Denver.

Sales Training in Denver will focus on the sales skills of an individual, or team, but, if the product or service they are selling isn’t compelling, or very competetive, there is little point in it. is a joint venture with my brother Chris and myself, offering on line sales coaching. It’s guaranteed to increase your company’s revenues.

If you want some fast sales training see the blogs on the best sales pro’s I have worked with here.  Call us at 303 500 3053 ext 1

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Close more sales

How to close more sales

We spoke about our conversion meter system in the last blog, and I promised to write some more information about it. It’s simple, and if you apply these tactics to your product, your sales conversion rate will increase fast.

People and companies buy based on a lack of fear of doing so.  Some people call it trust,  but you can trust a service or product and still have substantial fear about buying it.

Let me give you an example. Assume I have an old car I don’t use much but keep it around as a backup car for the family, kids, and guests.  One day it starts leaking all sorts of fluids. I may trust the company that I am asking to fix my old car that they can fix it, but my fear may be, will paying for the repair be worth the money, or should I just buy a new car.  I am not going to hand over the keys unless my concern is addressed. The car isn’t worth all that much any way.

So it’s not about trust, it’s about getting rid of the fear.

A really smart auto repair company would not only convince me I could trust them (using testimonials, and certifications and all that) but they also would be prepared to “step into my shoes” and let me know that even after I spend the $1500.00 to fix the car, that I could still sell it (fixed) for $4500.  If I don’t fix the car it’s only worth $1000.   So it’s a net gain of $2000.00.

Now I am ready to get it fixed.

So step one in increasing your sales conversion is identifying what prospects fear when they buy from you.  This can be tougher than it sounds.  And if you are smart you will ask people who bought from you in the past to tell you what they feared, instead of just winging it.

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) services the fear is pretty easy to figure out.  Clients fear that 1. It won’t work. 2. It will work but they won’t get many new sales to cover the expense.  And 3. that they don’t have enough money in the budget to do the program.

So lots of SEO companies guarantee that the site will be on the first page of Google… what ever that means. (You always have to ask, “or what” with a guarantee. Is it all your money back? Is it they will do more work until it is?  And if so what time period are they talking about?  And then again,  or what?”)

But that only helps with the smaller fear.  If you want to eliminate, or greatly reduce all the fears you may need to do a performance based pay model,  they pay you based on what actual sales come through the program),  and a payment plan that fits the clients budget.

The interesting thing about doing all of that to address and get rid of fears is, you will usually make more revenue and profit when you go the extra mile. We charge more on performance based programs, and we charge more on payments plans.  So over time, you end up with a higher margin.

Addressing a clients fears will bring up your closing percentage as much as 50%.  It’s worth the thought process and time to figure it out. Feel free to email us if you need some help with coming up with these fears, or just want to run then by us.

The next big thing in your improving your closing percentage is talking and presenting the stuff your clients WANT!  Selling what they need will kill your sales fast.  I will write aboyt that in the next few blogs.

See more about our sales programs

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