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Google Citation and Links DEnver

Interesting Changes in Citations and Links this year.

Last year, as a matter of practice , when we did on line visibility programs for clients we added directory links to many of the major on line directories, yellow pages, and other local web sites.  We would then track the traffic from each (as part of the analytics) and quality scoring. Part of that was watching the back links report to see when the listing, citation or link was “indexed”.

We do much more than just this process during on line visibility programs, so we have a very rounded profile to drive traffic to a clients site.

The interesting thing is,  most of the local directory and y.p sites are no longer showing up as links, or as indexed, and the traffic to a clients site from these sources is way down


Here is an example.  Hot Frog has traditional been a good citation site and gets a lot of traffic.  But sine January, we have not seen a clients listing appear as a link to there site, and traffic is almost non existent.

This listing has been live for almost three months. No sign of it any where on Google Web Master, SEOmoz reports and any other reports we use.

I could add 10 more examples here.  But the point being, has the search world stopped recognizing this directory listings?  And if so how valuable are they to driving traffic to a site.

Let me know what you have seen.


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Free SEO Services for Denver Nonprofits

We made a decision Friday to offer free Search Engine Optimization services to qualified nonprofits in Denver.  For a nonprofit or charity to qualify please call us for details. The only limitation is the number we can support monthly

This is just one  way we feel we can do our part, and give something back to the community we have been a part of for 11 years as a business and the community we grew up in. Hopefully this will allow some nonprofits to gain better Internet visibility and further their unique programs.

Charities and nonprofits can receive all of the normal SEO services including:

  • Local Directory set up and optimization
  • Site assessment and recommendations
  • Off site optimization and promotion.

If you are aware of any nonprofits that could use a helping hand in this area please refer them to us via our main number or web site.

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SEO and the voice of Saruman

A client calls a few weeks ago. He is interested in expanding his inbound marketing through more web visibility work, and adding content to his web site.   His site is currently in the number one position on Google and Bing for the targeted audience, and well represented through out the local web community.  He is very happy.

We give him a assessment and proposal to add content and do some additional work to make sure the new service is well ranked on the search engines.  He does mention he is looking at one other option, which I think is fine. One should always check out options when buying.

I speak with him yesterday. He went with the other option.  Because we have known him for a long time I feel comfortable asking why.  The other company is $149.00  per month and is building a web site for him included in the fee. The longer the discussion, the more clear to me that he has been “sold”, and that the decision was made on a bunch of marketing lingo and facts and figures some SEO’s use to bedazzle prospects and convince them they have the super secret, cross your fingers and hope to die information that for almost no money will bring them a huge amount of traffic and customers. Ie Yi Yi

This is what I call the Voice of Saruman syndrome. Remember Saruman the wizard from the Lord of the rings? Anyone listening to his voice (with the exception of a few very powerful other wizards and such) came under his spell, and would be convinced what he was saying was the truth and very powerful.

It happens so often in SEO and many other areas. SEO and I.T. seem to have a larger share of Saruman’s out there convincing businesses that their magic is the best magic. Perhaps it’s the nature of the business.

What is strikingly odd is this client really understands price and quality. We have discussed how his service isn’t cheap, and how he won’t lower his standards to offer poor work for low dollars.

Yet he listens to the voice of Saruman.

Here is what I advise , and the principle I use in business when selecting a service. First, if what I have is working I am not very likely to change.  If I am approached, I always ask this question, can you provide me with just 3 local accounts you have that will tell me what you are saying works.  That seems to knock out the VAST majority of bad decisions I might make while under the spell.

I should note this client is continuing with us on his existing service. I mean, you can not do much better than the number one spot.





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Should you add no follow links for your site?

Yes. And here is why you should not discount no follow links.

Rand Fishkin,  Founder of SEOmoz just did a great blog on early ranking factors data after his companies April Linkscape update.

One of his interesting points during the session was that many SEO’s are using more no follow links, and that they are seeing better value in them.

I have agreed with that for years. And here is why. A link profile that has a nice mix of Follow and no Follow is more natural.  Google likes natural.

Not only that,  but as Rand made this point in the presentation, alot of really trusted sites and high value sites use no follow. Face book, twitter, wordpress… the list goes on and on. I don’t think google really pays as much attention to the no follow tag as many people think they do. Why would they. Works to their advantage if we think they do, as they then have a metric that is pretty easy to identify sites building an unnatural linking profile using an unnatural amount or percentage of follow links.

So, I go back to were I always seem to go with Links. Add links that you would add without considering how they will effect your site rankings, and you will end up in good shape. SEO is not search engine manipulation. It is solid marketing and promotion for your web site.


You can see the blog here

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Longmont SEO, and Search Engine Optimization

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

If you are looking for a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company in or around Longmont Colorado, we should talk.

My One Call specializes in regional and local SEO, and we our main office is in Lafayette CO.  We have had great success with Longmont based business, all ending up on the first page, position 1-3 on Google for their main key words.

We optimize your local directories (Google places, Yahoo local and Bing Local)  as well as complete your organic optimization, including social media, to insure you get the best Internet visibility possible.

Our prices are competitive, and we will let our clients tell you about our service.  You can see what many of them have siad on our  seo client testimonials page.




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SEO and Google’s new 1+ service

Social Media Landscape


Google 1+

So Google is rolling out its latest version of social media. But something is different with this try.  It may really work!  And if it does, SEO will change forever  and ever and ever. Really.

I am not going to go into what the Google 1+ is. A thousand SEO’s and Social media blogs have already done that in the first 3 hours of the Google announcement.  You can read the Google you tube on it here -> (Good Stuff)

So, as Google rolls out this new Social media system, where you can give a plus (like a face book like) to any of your search results, and your Google network will see those, and the site’s you and others like will be elevated (one can assume) in the search engine results The SEO factor that is clearly and with out question the most important is the one thing that never changes. Great content.

You can do all the back linking, on site tweaking , meta description re working, navigational assessing, you tube professing, and none of it will beat driving traffic to your site by having amazing, interesting, unusually engaging, fun and sharable (I think I made that word up) content.

Because Google is moving towards the individual and their social network (google profile required) being the SEO.  So even though some businesses have spent a huge amount of time and energy on all the SEO tactics in the SEO Moz, SEObook and all the other universes, it all comes down to this.


Be Interesting.

Like I said in any earlier blog. Search engine optimization is easy! It was a popularity contest for Google’s attention. Now its a popularity contest for your attention.

How to be Interesting. Well, just look at what catches peoples attention,  and then go look at your on line stuff. Would it catch your neighbors attention?

A good example:

The blender company that did the video’s on how its blenders can blend anything including a I-phone.  I watched it, I told my wife and friends about it, and when we want a really great blender I will most likely go there again.

That’s Interesting! (and Funny, and engaging)

Now I see national sites doing a lot more research, fun, and great content than local sites.  The reasons don’t need to be stated. But…I will any way… resources. Time, money, talent, cash flow. all that. But we in the Local world, that being those of us, which is the VAST majority of us, who work, play, sell, and buy primarily in our own little towns, villages and cities,  must start doing something that we are not all that good at. Yes. Be Interesting !

Future SEO =  finding and developing Interested and engaging web properties and spaces.  Content and Marketing creatives rejoice. Your time has come in the SEO world.



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