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Worth the Read. Best SEO and Marketing Articles

A collection of great articles and Blogs over the last few months.

When I read an exceptional blog I put it in my pocket to read or reference later.  I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the better ones here.  Some are SEO related, some are content marketing (same thing right?)  and then just good marketing.



Just one of the best and simple SEO articles in years.  Can it really be as simple as he makes it sound?  Yes.  Read this if you get stuck on an SEO project.

Content Marketing:

Well, more like content distribution. If you want some tips on how and where to publish your blog, Mike Allton is the guy to read.


SEO Checklist:

If you don’t have one, this is really great.  From beginners to professionals you should find some great ideas here, or at least a nice list to work from and cross check.


Creating a referral group:

We all want them, but how do you build a really strong referral group?  This article has some powerful ideas if you are willing to work at it. In my experience, it’s one of the better tactics you should use.  Stop advertising and get on the referral ban wagon.


Non technical Startups:

And here is one for all of us non tech types who want to do a startup.  I loved this article. If you have ever felt a bit frustrated because it seems like all of the successful startups are tech driven,  read this. Great advice for all of the non tech entrepreneurs.


Enjoy, and let me know what you think about these articles.

By Mike Bayes