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O’meara Ford Denver. Fake Reviews?

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O’meara Ford Denver. Fake Reviews?

Fake reviews are a big problem in the on line world. It look’s like O’meara Ford in Denver, and possibly several other car dealerships are having a huge amount of what seems to be fake reviews posted on Google Places to help their horrible ratings.  But you be the judge.

Below you will find the “other” reviews posted by individuals who posted great reviews about O’meare ford Denver. They all rate other car dealerships, and some rate the same exact companies that the others did.  Are you kidding?

Here are the actual profile’s and reviews of three individuals who posted great reviews for O’meara.  You decide. If I had more time I would go look at the other 50 or so,  but I am sure the vast majority would look fake as well.


Kathrine:  5 reviews all on Car Dealers in Denver.


The profile above has 5 car dealership reviews?


3 car dealership reviews, and the same hotel casino reviews as the profile above.

Wish I had more time,  but I will follow up with more. My advice is to be very careful when reading O’Meara Ford Denver reviews, or any of the dealships these profiles refer to.

More when I have time…

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