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Local SEO Tips For Being A Good Samaritan

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Some of the best Local SEO tactics are very much in line with being a good community member and corporate citizen.  Here are some proven and effective ways to help your sites ranking while helping the community you do business in.

Sponsor a page on a local charity’s site. Think what type organizations are always looking for funding?  Animal shelters, Food Banks, School Sports and Club programs, Churches, Political Organizations, Women’s Charities,  Elderly Care, and many more.

Just search “your county charities”  or “your city charities”  and you will find a ton of excellent opportunities to help.  Contact the local director and ask of they would allow you to sponsor a page on their site to hep pay the web expenses.  I have seen donations from $50.00 a year to $500.00 a  year. With or with out a link, this will give your company the type visibility you want in your community.

Start a blog and blog about charities and organizations that are making a difference in your community. Give a link to where people and businesses can donate.

Give a percentage of all your sales for a month (or a year, or forever) to your favorite cause.  Ask your friends in the business community to help as well… by adding it to there site.

Ebay auction your company’s 1000th tweet, or 10,000th tweet. Give the proceeds to a local charity. ASk others to do the same… and do a how to auction off a tweet on your site.

So, by combining the need to promote your site, you can also do some good.  Let me know how these work out.





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