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Bing and Yahoo now 30% of Search Engine Traffic

For businesses in Denver and throughout Colorado, who are interested in promoting their services utilizing the Internet, this weeks news that Bing + Yahoo is now over 30% of searches should not go ignored.

The Bing Yahoo combo picked up over 6% while Google fell 3% in Search traffic. These are big numbers, but they still represent the “gross” numbers. We will be watching to see if we can get more industry specific statistics. It should be noted that on a very small scale we have seen Bing searches (Clicks)  pick up in the home improvement area last month, but, far to little data to make a definitive statement.

What to do?  Check your Bing SEO rankings.  Make sure you read information (specific) on Bing optimization.  Make sure you use the Bing web master tools, and have your local company listed in Bings local program.

If you are using Google exclusively for pay per click it may be time to divide the budget and spend 30%  with Bing- Yahoo.  Or add 30% and use them.

We will follow up with a few specific tips on SEO on Bing for Denver and Colorado Businesses over the next few weeks.



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Colorado Springs SEO Tactics

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Colorado Springs SEO, and local SEO

Every city has slightly different SEO cultures. One of the mistakes national firms (that you might find using pay per click advertising for SEO ) make is not understanding, or at least not utilizing the local city landscape for SEO.

This is true in Denver, Colorado Springs, or any metro area. The first step any SEO company might take in developing a local SEO campaign in a city is checking if the client has a Google places listing, a Yahoo local listing and a Bing local business listing. Without these the local client isn’t going to get the rankings that Local searches provide, and I am amazed how often national SEO firms ignore the importance of the Search local directories. You don’t need a SEO company to list your company. If you are a business owner, go to www.getlisted.org It’s a great service (and free) to make sure you are listed.

Another big part is obtaining links in the local area. National SEO’s just don’t have the experience in specific markets. A firm that specializes in local SEO already knows the local territory,  and what sites and tactics will work best to promote your company and bring traffic to your site.

Being part of a community is also a big advantage when providing SEO services.  Many of our clients came to us based on the fact that we would be available for face to face meetings.

So when selecting a Colorado Springs SEO firm, or for any local program, I would suggest you look for the firms that know and already preform SEO  in your city.  Make sure to ask for 3 solid recent references.  It’s not hard to check how good a SEO company is, they should have well ranked clients just a keyword search away!


More about our Colorado Springs SEO and Local SEO on our site


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