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Do It Yourself SEO (DIY SEO)

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Do It Yourself SEO

Do it yourself SEO use to be a lot easier before the Google Panda updates and all the new algorithm changes. Many of today’s better search engine optimization companies really learned through the Do it your self process.

The big difference between a few years ago and today is the complexity involved for a site owner, or web design firm in the SEO process.  We do offer DIY SEO help, so feel free to check out our web optimizers club if this is your intent, or if you are a SEO looking for a little edge.

Here are the big basics for organic SEO. I will cover Local SEO in the next blog.

(Before we start… one point. You optimize a page, not your site. Chose the page you are going to work on. Generally the home page is good, but it can be any page on your site)

The first, and absolutely most important part of search engine optimization is know the keyword or Keyword phrase that will produce the most amount of good traffic volume to your page.  Use Google keyword tools to find out the volume of searches for your product or service. (https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__u=1000000000&__c=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS#search.none )

Just type in your service or product name, and watch the results. Spend some time playing with it. This is important.  If you hit the mark here everything else in SEO is easier.

Once you know your keyword, the following three points are huge. And just taking a page that may be missing these areas, and changing two of them can make a big difference in rankings.

1.)    Your sites Meta Title should have your keyword or keyword phrase as the FIRST words in the Title.  And add any “like” words after that.

2.)    Your sites Meta Description should have your keyword phrase as the first words in the description, and repeated if possible. No longer than 70 characters.

3.)     Your web page URL should have the keyword phrase in the URL if possible. If you are starting a new site, get a domain with the keywords in it. If it’s to late, either skip this and understand you will need to have more back links than other sites with all of the above in the page, or optimize a new page on your site that you include the keyword in the URL.  Example www.yoursitename.com/bagelshop ( If you are optimizing Bagel Shop)

Those are the big ones.  I am assuming your page will have well written copy that uses your keyword phrase a few times, it might even be in the BOLD or in the first heading and paragraph on the page.  That would just be natural.

If you don’t understand some of this, any web firm can help you, and it takes about, umm, 10 minutes for them to do the actual Meta work, and change a page name.

After that, you have to move on to back linking and some social media links.  I will cover that in another blog.  I do need to mention, that in DIY SEO and all SEO most Search Engine Optimization companies will agree, that the Back links (Links from other sites to your site) are by far the number one factor in your ranking. So why didn’t I put that above the 1,2 and 3.? Because, if you don’t get the Meta and URL stuff right, the back link work and promotion won’t do you a lot of good.

Feel free to email me questions, and do check out our web optimizer club if you want to do your own SEO. It can talk as little as 15 minutes a day with the right tools.

My email info@myonecall.com

Mike Bayes

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