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E Discovery Services and SEO

E Discovery services are not a mass market product. E Discovery is in fact a highly specialized field that it utilized by law firms and Attorneys in the discovery process of a law suite. Our Client I-legal is one of the country’s better providers of these services, and was founded by a Denver Attorney.

It’s defined as :

discovery in civil litigation which deals with the exchange of information in electronic format (often referred to as Electronically Stored Information or ESI).[1]

Law suites with a great deal of discovery involved can be very expensive, and take an enormous amount of time to short through the mountains of paper work that is often involved.

The e discovery process takes all that paper and coverts it into a digital format, which then can be searched using I-legal software.  An Attorney can search by names, dates titles, and just about any search they need.  E discovery also can make the difficult task of sorting through huge email files much easier.

Search visibility has been a success for I Legal.  Even though the volume of searches is small, the value is very high.  In our experience this type SEO program often has great results.

Today if you are a law firm looking for a local provider of                   e discovery services in Denver, there is a good chance you will use the Internet to find Denver providers, and will find I-legal as one of the top ranked sites on Google and Bing.

Just another example of how search engine optimization can help even the most unique services and businesses. See more about our SEO here


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