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Face Book Shares and SEO

The conversation continues in the SEO circles concerning how facebook shares effect a sites ranking.

In a recent blog on SEOmoz , Matt Peters goes into great detail to test the relationship between a web sites number of face book shares and it’s ranking. You can read it here


For those of us who do not possess a degree in advanced mathmatic’s, it comes down to this.  If a Site get’s a lot of shares, it’s because the page or site is interesting. Interesting web sites get lot’s of attention, and getting a lot of attention brings better rankings.

So once again, the best tactic to bring up your search engine rankings is to be interesting, and be clear.  Some of the better rated sites we have developed or worked on do not have contest pages, or cartoons, or tips. What they do have is very clear information about what the visitor came to the site to get.

This is very good news for the small and medium business owner who doesn’t have the budget or time to put together a multimedia extravaganza produced by the top marketing minds in the Industry.  All we need to do is be very clear and informative on what our audience wants.

The mistakes we see are trying to be to many things to to many people on a page or site. If you sell both Carpet and Tile, you have two different audiences that over lap.  Better to have very two different  sections on your site.  Be clear and communicate one message at a time.

Think through what a person wants when they come to your page. They want to trust you, they want to know what you sell (brands and styles) they want to know your where you stand on pricing, and they want to know that you are popular.  You can get all that in the fold.

The best bounce rate we see on client sites is one of the most simple sites in it’s category. Highly ranked, and a 4% to 12% bounce. It’s simple, clear, and attracts the right people because of those elements.






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Is Google the Universal Mind?

The first iteration of Google production serve...
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So if all things material (even the digital empire) are reflections of the true and one intelligence, and our development of these material manifestations of spiritual truths continue to advance as our collective understanding advances, then could it be that Google is in fact… the material manifestation of the universe mind? The keeper and communicator of all knowledge?

Or is all that technology, just something they use to promote ad words.


Yes, these are the thoughts that dance through my little mind from time to time.


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If Google Was an Air Traffic Controller

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If Google was an airline traffic controller, and your site was a plane trying to land, the communication might start like and sound like this.


(Your Site) Good day  Google master controller, this is site IP 123,76.900  requesting landing on your front page under vector keyword category of “travel to Europe”  over


(GC) Static:  ummm IP 123,76.900, this is Google master controller……. Static….  umm we can not understand your request, can you change your meta data so we can understand you? . IP 123,76.900  recontact after changes if you like.  Good day over   static

Long pause

Static….  Okay dokie Google master controller,  have corrected the data, and all should be well. Request landing on your front page,  vector keyword “travel”  Over.

Long  Long pause

(GC) Static…….  Umm IP 123,76.900  please stay in holding pattern, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  In the mean time you may want to view our help forums, Over

Static…  Google master control, this is IP 123,76.900,  have check the other frequency and found some help.  Am making additional data changes to the site,  and will be requesting landing once completed.  …  should note  that I am running slightly low on traffic to the site and will need some visibility soon.  Good day  Over.


(Your site) Google master control, this is me, IP 123,76.900.  Data changes made, can you check for clearance onto your front page under Travel?  over.

Long silence…..

Static  .

(Your site): Google master control.  this is IP 123,76.900. I am begging.  Over

(GC):  Static…….. IP 123,76.900,  we have reviewed your data, and are having difficulties approval landing.  Have a nice day.  Over .


(YS) Google master controller for the love of gawd, we are dieing here. I told my boss we would have good traffic weeks ago….just give me a hint.!   good day  Over.


Your Site:  umm Google master Controller, boss just mentioned PPC would be cheaper than me.  I have check with more of your “help” forums, run a report and adjusted what I believe may have been the problem with abundant stuffing of certain words  ( 19% was a little high?). Please check and approve my request to land on your front page… vector… ummmm  traveling to Europe from Chicago?….  over.

(GC) IP 123,76.900,  We are now reading your data.  But because no one else is, we can not approve your landing at this time.  Thank you, and PPC is always a good option…. over.


(Your Site): Google master controller, this is the new pilot of IP 123,76.900.  Please accept my apologizes oh great and mighty Indexer of all knowledge. We have started a PPC campaign, and are now sending your family $7000. a month.  I have also added significant content to the site, hoping to attract attention.  Requesting clearance to land on your front page under vector,     ummmm  ….   Static… Travel to Europe from…ummm… Paducah Kentucky? ? Over.

(GC):  Static …IP 123,76.900.  Sorry,  Your load times are to high to give permission at this time..  Over
Is this how it feels to some of us?  Feel free to add to the landing dialog in the comments!

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SEO Denver

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We see so many web design, and to some extent, social media companies offering SEO (search engine optimization) services in Denver.

In most cases, they are just not going to be very good at it. I am sure there are exceptions, but SEO is a skill set that takes not only experience, but on going study and research.


Several of our clients moved to us after long periods of waiting for their web firm’s SEO to kick in. After reviewing the work they were doing, they would have had to wait forever. Some Web design firms seem to think that by completing the basic search engine friendly work on a site it will some how magically appear on the first page of Google. Most experts agree that around 25% of your SEO success is based on your on site SEO., leaving the vast majority of your rankings to the off site SEO. That’s the stuff most web design firms don’t know how to do.

If you are looking for a good SEO firm, ask them these questions.

Who developed the Google ranking algorithm (Page rank) And who is the patent assigned to?

Answer, Larry Page, co founder of Google. And Stanford university

Ask, how important is a pages PR rank in SEO these days?

Answer: Not very!

Ask them the value of Google web master tools for SEO?

Google web master is a free, and highly important tool for tracking how Google views your web site.

Ask them how they will research Key words to use, and how they will use the keywords to attract more visitors.

If they plan to just dump the keywords into your text, thats bad.

Ask them the difference between Dynamic URL’s and Static URL’s on a site, and which is better for SEO.

Answer: The important part is they can describe the difference, and communicate the use of each.

Ask them what they do to stay on top of Google and other Search Engine changes that could make a difference for your rankings.

You would like to hear how they track all of the changes they make with SEO clients, as well as all the off site SEO practices to establish the value of each, and that they subscribe to several national SEO sites and associations, as well as track changes through the Google blogs.

And ask them if Face book, Word Press, and Blogger.com are follow or no follow links.

Answer, Face book: no follow, Word Press is No Follow, Blogger.com Follow

If they can get through those questions, it’s time to do one more test. Ask them for three sites they have done the Denver SEO on that are currently ranked on the First page, and the keywords. And make sure these are recent!

Our main site www.salesjumpstart.net

303 500 3053

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Denver Local SEO is more than rankings

Local SEO should be more than getting your site ranked well on search engines. You need to also think what your web site ranking will look like!

Given the choice of being first for a category with no reviews, or third with 10 great reviews I would go with the third spot, and the reviews.

Which one would you look at?

Reviews bring positive attention, and will more than likely bring more clicks to your web site.

There are several other factors that will affect how Google displays your web site. You need to manage all of those to get the right people to your site.

See more about us at www.salesjumpstart.net