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Denver Marketing Consultant

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Denver Marketing Consultant

Marketing in Denver and across the country has changed over the last decade dramatically. If you define marketing as everything you do to be visible to your “market” then Internet Marketing has moved from being a secondary thought, to dominating many companies marketing plan.

We start with search engine optimization, and social media presence for most clients. Why? Because there is no better return on investment than having your web site in the top positions for SER’s (search engine results).  We then fold in all the other Internet Marketing tactics that work for a clients budget, and strategy for their marketing in Denver.

As a Denver marketing consultant, we know that what works in New York, or Birmingham may not work here. One of the most difficult tasks a Franchise buisness may face is a marketing program designed for another area of the country. I have seen those fail time after time, and have watched Franchise owners struggle because of it.

A business must first understand their budget in marketing, and commit to use it, month after month. It doesn’t matter if it’s $500.00 or $50,000.00 ,  it’s the commitment that makes a difference. Depending on your type of business you may use a minimum of 3% of your gross sales on Marketing, and if you have a large gross margin and are in a start up or growth mode you may use 50%.

When I was a partner in a very fast growing sales and marketing company in Denver, going from 1.2 million in revenue to over 80 million over 9 years, we spent over 30% of all gross on sales and marketing, but we had the margins to do it (barely).

My residential contractor clients who utilize us as a Denver marketing consultant will generally has smaller gross margins, and therefore will spend about 5% to 7%  tops on sales and marketing.

The fewer dollars you have to spend, the more careful you need to be.  Always start and stay with the best Return on Investment marketing.

If you want more information on how to put together your marketing strategy in Denver, please email me or call.

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