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Tips on Selling More For SEO And Small Business.

This collection of tips came through 20+ years of managing sales teams while developing more than $220 million in sales revenue.

I’ve been lucky in my life having worked around some of the more successful and talented sales professionals in the country. During the 1990s my sales force of 650 sold more than $80 million a year in recurring revenue for Telecom services. Since 2003, my company has averaged a 17-to-1 return on investment for every dollar our clients have spent with us.  Based on these successes, here are some tips for business owners about sales, salespeople, and just plain selling:

1. Dogs have to like the dog food

Here’s an old sales story: A national sales manager is at a meeting with his sales managers from across the country. They have recently launched a new brand of dog food A supermarket's pet food aisle in Brooklyn, Ne...and the sales numbers are terrible. He is ranting and raving about how much marketing has been done, the dollars they’re spending, and no one is selling the new dog food. He asks the group what’s going on! And a small voice in the back of a very quiet room speaks up, “I don’t think dogs like the way it tastes.”

For success, start with your product. Make it taste really good. Too many business owners refuse to accept that a sales problem may, in fact, be a bad product or service. Honestly evaluate your products and services as well as your competition. Make yours better, faster, more affordable. Then go sell it!

Your sales staff will be more productive and your customers will be more loyal. See the end of this blog for some tips directly related to SEO services.

2. Most salespeople are like plumbers

Plumbers make more than many other trades. You know why? Plumber's buttBecause they do the stuff other people don’t want to do. In my experience, 75 percent of salespeople are in sales not because they are trained and passionate sales professionals, but because they will do the stuff other people don’t want to do: they will pick up the phone and make cold calls. You don’t have to be good at sales to make cold calls any more than you have to be good at plumbing to clean out a septic tank. Just make sure that when it comes to your salespeople, you hire the professionals that are passionate about their work; otherwise, you may as well hire a plumber.

3. Great salespeople work for high compensation

The average outside sales rep in Colorado earns around $58,000 a year before benefits. If you’re going to pay an average wage, expect average performance, which in sales means you should hire a plumber. If you want top performance, offer top pay.

4. You can’t hire commission only salespeople to sell your product

Commission only sales representatives must have the opportunity to make $1,500 a week, every week within their first month with your company. And they need to be paid quickly. Can your product support this? No. Stop thinking about hiring cheap sales help, and start thinking about how to make your product irresistible to buyers. Once you have an irresistible product you may be able to hire a commission only sales force because plumbers will be able to give it away.

5. The number one factor in achieving your sales goals is …

… a really great product or service.  Period.

6. Most good salespeople are egotists

This is true. If you do not know how to manage egotistical personalities, don’t.  Hire an experienced sales manager or a therapist to manage them. Some of the best salespeople I have ever worked with were pains to be around. They whined, they were always late, they didn’t come to mandatory training, and they didn’t play nicely with others. What they did was sell. All they needed was a cheer leader, not a manager.What’s on the score board?

Most sales managers only know how to manage plumbers because that’s what most salespeople are. Plumbers show up for meetings, fill out the reports, and struggle to make minimum sales; but they always have their shovel with them. The problem is you may be tempted to hire plumbers, because they’re easier to manage and will fit in with your company culture better.  So if you are going to hire and manage plumbers, make sure you have a product that is irresistible to buyers.

I think I’ve made my point. Most sales programs are usually handed off to plumbers to sell. Your only chance for great sales success is to spend a great deal of time making your product or service irresistible to buyers. Trust me, in most cases, this is far more effective and a better return on investment than actually building a professional sales force with top notch management. Why? Because if your product is really good, you’ll attract the best sales professionals anyway.

This leads to my final point for today:

7. Great salespeople aren’t hired, they choose the company they want to work for

Given this, your job as a business owner is to build a service or product that is irresistible. Once you have that, your salespeople will become superstars (and you can throw the shovels away).

And, as promised for the SEO’s of the world.  How can you build an irresistible service?  Step One: Ask your clients what they feared most when signing up for your service. Then develop a 100% iron clad guarantee that what they listed , will not happen.

Steps 2-5 available by request.


Click to talk with Mike right now, or leave a message about this post.

Mike Bayes is President of My One Call LLC a business development firm based in Lafayette Colorado. http://www.salesjumpstart.net
303 500 3053 Ext 1

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How to hire a sales person

DEDHAM, MA - SEPTEMBER 30: AT&T Area Retail Sa...

So…you’re ready to hire a sales person in Denver, or any where in the universe?  Would you allow me to give you a few tips?

I have hired hundreds of outside sales people as well as business development managers for a wide range of industries including, Telecommunications, Internet, I.T., Semi truck repair, Commercial linen services, and Hospitality.  The combined revenue generated by those sales professional would probably be in the 275 million dollar range over the last 15 years.

Here is the number one factor in sales success. Ready?  (drum Roll)

Making your service or product irresistible to buy (or as close as you can).  Read the blog to about this by clicking on the sales tips link that follows and then we can move to the actually hiring tips. Sales tips I know, that’s not what you’re looking for.  But, I rarely give the answer one might be looking for when it relates to sales and business in generally. I don’t know all that much, but I do know if you listen to the masses, you will be one of them.

I am going to assume you read the blog I linked to, written by an amazing sales manager and guru, and a pretty handsome guy (Me). Stop chuckling, and lets get to the reality of hire a sales rep.

Number 2 on the list of having a successful sales program (yes I change the title now and then).  Having a great sales manager who is going to manage the sale person(s). You were expecting training or role play?  Nope,  hire a great sales manager and make your product irresistible,  much more effective  than training and role play.

I have talk to many business owners  who’s sales program failed when they tried to manage the sales team directly.The reason was they have no sales experience. Most sales professionals need,  and I don’t use that word with out reason, so I will repeat it, NEED  an experienced leader. Sales is very different than most the other skills sets you will find in your company, and takes a completely style of leadership.

The challenge for the vast majority of small businesses is they can not afford a sales manager, and a sales person. Many don’t have the budget for a full time sales professional. I think the first step in overcoming this is to work on step one, making your service or product irresistible. If you can move your product from “just another________ <-  add your service in the blank, to a business that offers unique and very compelling features and benefits, you have made a big move up the sales ladder. You can then start using inbound marketing tactics to  find new revenue. The great thing about people calling you about using your service is you don’t have to be a sales pro to sell to them.

How do you make your service unique and compelling?  We can go into much greater detail, and have, on another blog, but the very basics are:

Understand what your prospects want.  Do not try to sell anyone what they need. People rarely buy the lowest priced car, yet what they need is transportation. Get it?  People and companies buy what they want, not need.  So make a list of what your best prospects want.  Start with area’s out side of the normal list, like price, and service.  Drill down.  What does service include? Here are areas that you can make unique.

Communication. How will you communicate with your clients.

Schedules: How will you document the delivery of your service.

Return on Investment: How will you track the R.O.I. of your service or product for the customer

Lifetime value: How will you continue to give value to your customer after the first project is completed?And you can add many many more.

The next area to look at is what do your prospects fear when buying your service? Fear is what stops more sales than any thing else. Ask your current clients what they feared when making their decision on buying from you,  and then,  make guarantees, or develop clear systems, that insure those fears will not become reality.  Dig deep here, you may be surprised at the answers  you get.

Once you have accomplished the above, you will sell more, and can then afford to hire a sales person who will be far more successful than they would have been with out the work and changes you have made.

I will follow up with more on this in future posts. As you may imagine, our company does have a solution for you if you are thinking about starting a sales program. Look at our business development program.







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Sales training Denver


Sales Training in Denver

We do sales coaching, and are asked whats the difference between sales training and sales coaching. The first big difference is sales coaching is done with a business owner, or senior executive, and has a much broader scoop.

When we do sales training in Denver it’s very much like a football coach working with a position player. Sales coaching we are working with the coaches, and we start on the play book.

Sales coaching unlike sales training Denver, starts with the number one opportunity to increase a companies sales, their service or product offering, and at times, it may re write the entire “playbook”  a business uses.  How they approach the market and what they comminicate will have a larger effect on revenue than sales training in Denver.

Sales Training in Denver will focus on the sales skills of an individual, or team, but, if the product or service they are selling isn’t compelling, or very competetive, there is little point in it.

5stepsalesjumpstart.com is a joint venture with my brother Chris and myself, offering on line sales coaching. It’s guaranteed to increase your company’s revenues.

If you want some fast sales training see the blogs on the best sales pro’s I have worked with here.  Call us at 303 500 3053 ext 1

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Sales Tips Denver. Best Sales Pro’s

Herman Maisel pictured in his office on Moffet...
Not Terry

Answering the question who was the best sales person I ever worked with is nearly impossible, so I thought I would just spend a few blogs on a few of the outstanding sales pro’s I have had the pleasure of managing or working with.

In the telecommunications field I had a sales rep by the name of Terry Leidritter. Terry use a very good sales rep for one reason. He said fewer words than any other sales rep I ever worked with.   And the ratio of words you use compared to your prospect has a direct relationship on closing.

Terry, after a brief but friendly introduction would ask a question and then close.  In this format, the close always brought the next question, which he would answer and close.  Here is an example with me (Mike, as the prospect he is selling to):

Terry: ( after the intro and brief warm up).  Mike, you want to reduce your cost on telecommunications right?

Mike:  Yes

Terry, Okay, I just need your phone numbers and for you to sign the paper work here (pushing the paper work over to them.)

Mike: Uh, how much will I save?

Terry, looking at your current patterns I am thinking around 25%.  But we will save you money every time you make a call, as you can see on our rate comparision sheet. You want to save money every time you make a call?

Mike: Of course.

Terry:  Great,  lets get the order filled out and it only takes a week to get started.

Mike:  Do they need to come install something?  How does it work?

And on it goes.  Terry would close, answer and close.  I never saw sales made so quickly or effectively.  His average sales presentation was 30 minutes, where the average for me was over 90 at that time.

It should be noted that we were selling a service that didn’t take a lot of relationship building and trust. It was a  brand everyone was familiar with

and being sold as a commodity.  This process isn’t going to work with higher ticket, longer sales cycle services.  But it can work once you get to the “presentation” even in those situations.

Give it a try.  Find the one most compelling reason clients buy, and turn it into a closing question.  Then

Ask, Close, answer, Ask Close.

For SEO it might be:

You want more clients calling you from the Internet right?

For coaching services:

You want to grow your revenues while making more profit don’t you?

Let me know what your best question is. Finding it, and then asking more and closing will bring your conversion rate up,  And you want to close more prospects don’t you?

More on our sales coaching on our site



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