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How Much Does SEO Cost?

How Much Does SEO Cost?

If you look for an “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) Company you may find pricing from $49.00 a month to $5000.00 a month and more. It’s no wonder many of the businesses I speak with are completely confused.  The truth is there is no correct answer to how much SEO services may cost, there are just too many factors that have to be taken into consideration before any professional SEO company can give you an idea what your investment might be.

It starts  with what your geographic target area is, the competition for your keywords (or services), and looking at your current optimization, both on your web site,  off site (commonly called back links) and social signals and mentions.  If your web site was built by a friend of a friend’s cousin who did it part time to get through college in 2003 and, you have no idea how to contact that person, well, as part of the SEO process you may have to build a completely new site.  Cost?  $1200 to $7500.00 for the basics.

If your site was built in the last couple of years (hopefully by a web design firm  and not a friend of a friend…)  then you may only need to make some basic changes to the site, and in many cases this may only take an hour of your web companies time. Cost $50 to $150.00

Then it all comes down to are you trying to target searches in a certain area of a metro area, the entire metro area,  a state or region, a country, or International.

A small locally target SEO campaign for a suburb or two in a mid level competitive industry may cost as little as $600.00 total.  A city wide SEO campaign in a city the size of Denver will probably run at least $2700.00 or a $500.00 per month program for 6 months.  A national program will run between $750 and $2000 a month and you can count on working with an SEO for at least a year before you start seeing results and frankly you will probably end up doing SEO for years (as long as you are seeing a return)

But what about those $49.00 and $99.00 guaranteed programs, you may ask. Well, they don’t work.  Don’t trust me, just ask the company for three LOCAL RECENT references for the program.  If they can provide them, use the service!  If not, call us, or another real SEO firm. If any one reading this blog can show me an actually example of a SEO program (not PPC) working for under $175.00 a month. Please contact me. I am begging!  I have had so many clients come to me after wasting time and money on these; I would love to hear of one, just one, actual success story.

SEO, in my opinion is a great value even today.  The market is pushing pricing down. At the same time the number of businesses using SEO services is rapidly increasing. Remember, in every category there are only so many first page rankings and only 3 top 3.  SEO is never going to cost less. It’s just too competitive, and in a year or two, because of the competition, it may start costing more than it’s worth in many segments.

Now’s a good time to look at SEO, and what it might cost.

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