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SEO Trusted Links

On August 10th 2012 Google made what I would consider a major change to it’s system of ranking sites. You can read about it her : http://www.seomoz.org/google-algorithm-change

The change gave higher value to links to your site from web sites Google considers “trusted”. Our clients and our site saw rankings improve after this change.

So I wanted to start giving you a trusted site of the week, that you can add if it applies to your niche. I don’t want to put these in our normal newsletter, so I will post them here, and the reason why we see them as trusted.
Let me know if you see the same results by adding your site to the “trusted” sites according to what we can discern Google thinks.


Here is the first blog on this http://www.salesjumpstart.net/blog/2012/08/20/trusted-back-links-for-your-site-after-penguin/

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