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Top 3 Rankings Google In a month.

Always good to end the week with some good news. We had two new campaigns start less than a month ago with our Internet Marketing, including search engine optimization, and both are in a top three position for a important keyword search.

Blue Sky is already number one for basement finishing in their city, and now remodeling.

And American painting Specialist started a few weeks ago…

From nowhere on the first page to either number 1 or number 3.  Not all of our clients see this type of fast rankings growth, but they all do eventually. Watch for Pinnacle Structural Services in the first few SER’s over the next few weeks.

Search engine visabilty is important for most small business and it always feels great to see it working so well.  If you are working on your site’s visibility there are several key areas to pay attention to.


Although the term “meta title” may sound like an eighties rock band, it’s the most important on site piece of information Google and others look for. Not only is your home page title important, but every page on your site should have a unique meta title.  Google doesn’t rank your web site, Google ranks a page.  Don’t let your pages compete for the same keywords!  Make sure you choose one page you want to promote, and use your main keywords in that pages title, and then DO NOT use it in all the others.

Our starter SEO packages is also a great way to get your site more visible in search engines and it’s rankings moving up. You can read about it n our starter SEO page.

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