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Social Media Company in Denver

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Social Media, Sales and SEO Go Together.

My One Call in partnership with www.metasocialweb.com is now making your Social Media easy.
It’s all about getting new customers! Let our staff do your social media, for only $ 199.00 a month*.  Add SEO at an incredible price of $279.00* a month for both.

We run your twitter campaigns

With our partner www.Meta Social Web.com we make Twitter easy and your company will be promoted by a large community of local businesses.

Multiply weekly tweets and interactions.  Good for promoting and good for your web site ranking too! It’s your account, so jump in as much or as little as you like.  No fake followers, just real local businesses and people who want to support your business.


We run your Face Book campaigns
We Post interesting information about your company and your community.  Growing your Face Book like’s will increase your branding and help with your web site rankings. And with our service your new likes will come from the local area, and be actual prospects for your service. We take care of the basics, so you can take care of your business, and participate as much you like. 

Search Engine Optimization to get More traffic (prospects) to your web Site.

We have been successfully getting client sites ranked highly in local searched for 5 years.  Adding our back linking services to your program can have great results and bring more prospects to your site. Today, SEO, Social Media, and Sales all work together. That’s why Internet Marketing is exploding.

Adding links every month from high quality sites is the key to increasing your rankings! We are researching and finding new sites every week where we can add your company information to increase traffic to your site. Adding your company to www.MetaSocialWeb.com will also give you valuable links and opportunities to promote your business with Twitter, Face book, Google Plus  and all the major players

Call us today at 303 500 3053 ext 1 to get more information, or contact us here

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Social Media Search Optimization in Denver

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Social Media Search Optimization

The new field of social media search optimization is as of yet, still very undefined.  I think it’s the continued merging of your web site and your social media properties.

In the beginning you used your web site to drive people to your face book.  Now most social media uses their Social media (Twitter, Linked in, and Face book) to move people to one of their web properties depending on the message they are trying to deliver.

I think SEO (search Engine Optimization) ties into the overall strategy. Having your web site highly ranked and more visible (more targeted traffic) will bring more people or prospects to your Face book.  I think you should see a somewhat equal flow between the two.  In addition to that, if you add your blog into the social media mix, its success will have a lot to do with your web sites ranking as well.

So, I see the world of Social media promotion and SEO becoming very much partners in Marketing a business.

Any one using SEO to boast their Social Media?  Remember Google has started adding some Social media mentions in your search results.






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Why I do not follow you on Twitter

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But I may not Follow you.

I get a bunch of people following my twitter account (@mikebayes)

This is how I decide if I am going to follow back:

  • The first thing I do is look at their profile to see what they tweet about and if they will be interesting to me.  I look at the last 4 or 5 tweets. If they are all advertising for their stuff, I am not going to follow.
  • I also see the frequency of posts. If the post every 8 minutes, I am not going to follow.
  • And, I look at how many people they follow and how many followers they have. If they follow 1200  and have 30 followers, I skip it.
  • If  I make it through this, I go to their web site. If  its  something interesting I am going to follow at that point.
  • I also ask myself why are they following me?  This can get you added or not pretty fast.

How do you decide who to follow?

My not very important view on tweeting:

I try to be interesting and keep the self promoting tweets to a 20%  of less ratio. Not easy.  But I have found that if I really don’t have anything to say, I can retweet someone who does.  BTW, I think you should re-tweet

often. At least 10%  of the time. You don’t look nearly as self centered 😉

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