Our Purpose: Growing your revenues and profits through unique and proven systems.

Ask any enterprise business owners to name their number one goal,
and they’ll tell you their chief priority is to increase sales.

The trouble is, while entrepreneurs are often terrific at their core businesses, most have little or no marketing,
advertising or sales experience.  In fact, the U.S. Small Business Administration confirms the two biggest reasons for
small business failure are lack of effective marketing programs and under capitalization
Mike Bayes was recommended to us from another business connection
who Mike had also work for. Mike's ability to help our company to increase
our sales system and knowledge base was excellent. He was able to quickly
come into our company, learn our needs and goals from a sales standpoint,
and then coach us to grow and improve. Thanks Mike!

Matt Shoup. President Shoup Consulting, M&E Painting and best selling Author of
How To Become An Awards Winning Company.
We have been helping companies grow
revenue for years.

Our sales Jump Start programs have helped
generate over 200 million dollars in new
sales for companies. We have learned many
lessons and developed proven systems to
increase sales and profits.
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our sales jump start program and other
services to add revenues.  
70% of advertising is a waste.

Advertising experts say that 70% of
advertising is money down the drain.

We completely agree.
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Types of companies we have helped.

Since 1998 we have worked with:

  • Business consultants
  • I.T. Service providers
  • Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
  • Telecom service providers
  • Publishing companies
  • Architects
  • CPA and Bookkeeping firms
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Residential Remodeling Firms.
Sales Jump Start Programs

  • Sales Coaching
  • Business development programs
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Complete Marketing services
  • Web Optimize Your Business

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Sales @ My One Call
“The salesman's salesman. Mike is exceptionally talented and has added
considerable value to our orgainization. We have used him in several
occassions and he always comes through. I'd be personally willing to talk to
anyone who wants to work with Mike.”

effrey Prager
Founder, Backroom Management Services, LLC