The Biggest Sales Mistake We All Make

The biggest mistake almost every company makes in sales:

Sales is giving people or businesses what they want, and the process to do so. Sales is not about giving them what they need.

  • Ask your self what your prospects want.
  • Ask your self what they need.

Do they match?  If so then you need to start again.

After you have this right, expand what they want into what that looks like, feels like, and the results. Now you are ready to sell.

Here’s an example:
Your  prospect is a mid forties man with a family of 4.
When he is shopping for a car…  what does he  need?
Transportation, with enough room for 5 people, and a trunk large enough to fit  some golf clubs.  A safe car. A good priceUsed Cars

But what does he want?

  • A car that will make him look like a pro athlete
  • A car that my friends will say, hey, that’s cool!
  • A car that says who I am (or want to be)
  • A car that other people want to drive
    • A car that the opposite sex will want to sit in
    • A car that says I am successful
    • A car that does things other cars can not
    • A car that makes him feel young
    • A fast car
    • A car that shouts I am successful.
  • Maserati GranTurismo
  • A great deal  ( Not price)

So if you are selling this car,

Do you say. Our expo model will get you from point A to B safely and fit all of your friends and family!


I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s like the love I had for my first car combined with driving a Maserati.  My wife won’t let me drive it by myself, because it’s so sexy. And they made it easy to drive away in. Drive, sign and go.

….  like reliving your first automobile love affair, but better…  The expo doesn’t ever need a tune up.

Or, if you are a home remodeling company you can say… We are licensed and Insured, and give free estimates.  But maybe you could communicate what they want.

At abc remodeling we create magical places where your family can create warm memories. Your home is the heart and soul of your life, and we build spaces with that in mind.

Give your prospects what they want.  What they need comes with it.


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