How To Choose A SEO Company

Unicorn Display’s and How to Choose an SEO company.

( Quick Note on reading this Blog. When you see the word really, that thought is really important.)

Choosing a search engine optimization company isn’t all the different than selecting a contractor to build your home addition.

Let’s say you want to build a new 1000 square foot home addition for your rare collection of pictures of your favorite breed of unicorn. ( we all have our favorites). Because you have a specific purpose, you will have some ideas on the design.  A space for displaying pictures of unicorns is going to look and feel different than building an exercise room (something I would know nothing about).

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So, the first step is going to be to find a contractor who has:

  • Experience in building home additions in your area.
  • Even better if they have in fact built an addition to display rare pictures of actual Unicorns in the past.
  • Has excellent and current references. The current part is very important. Building codes change, and a companies performance will change over time as well. You don’t want to see references from last year.
  • Is not the cheapest. Let’s face it; this is a pretty complication and specialized area. You don’t want someone faking it as they build your space.  Of all the horror stories you have heard about hiring contractors, I would wager the vast majority started out with the purchaser choosing the lowest price. Same goes for SEO.  Really. Don’t trust me? Let me know how that $49.00 a month program works for you.  Really.
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    BELIZE CITY, BELIZE – MARCH 02: Prince Harry greets Governor General Sir Coleville Young as he arrives at Philip Goldson International Airport on March 2, 2012 in Belize City, Belize. The Prince is visiting Belize as part of a Diamond Jubilee tour where he will be visiting Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil as a representative of Queen Elizabeth II. Belize is a Commonwealth realm with a population of around 350,000 and boasts the second longest barrier reef in the world. With much of the country covered in tropical jungle and a diversity of wildlife, Belize relies heavily on tourism. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


  • Communication with the contractor during the proposal process. You are going to live with these people for a few months at least. View it as if you were dating this company. At the end of the relationship you want to say it was beautiful… and fulfilling and really meant something good. You don’t want nor need an ugly break up.  It’s all about communication and chemistry.  If it’s not there in the proposal process it won’t be there in the building process. Make sure you speak with the actual person who will be the “lead” on the project, not the sales representative.

Okay… so you see the correlation? Of course you do.  I am talking correlation not causation here. (SEO joke).

Pick an SEO who has experience in YOUR type business. If you are an Attorney, you want an SEO who has proven results with… Attorneys.  Just because they got your brother in laws restaurant rated number two on Google Plus for business (places) for Belizean family restaurants in Greeley Colorado, does not mean they will have any clue how to help a law firm.  Now.. if you own a Belizean family restaurant…  you are on the right path!

Pick an SEO with Current references. Really.  SEO changes from nanosecond to nanosecond ( ) . Last years rankings and results don’t mean much. What does is the last 6 months of programs. Really. Ask for the clients they are working with currently and started less than 7 months ago.  Oh…  and call them.  Really. Call them.

If the price seems really low, check those references again.

And, make sure you feel completely comfortable with their style of communication. Let’s face it, the last thing you need is a failure to communicate. Remember what happened to cool hand Luke? Me either, but that is where that line came from…













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