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Why I do not follow you on Twitter

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But I may not Follow you.

I get a bunch of people following my twitter account (@mikebayes)

This is how I decide if I am going to follow back:

  • The first thing I do is look at their profile to see what they tweet about and if they will be interesting to me.  I look at the last 4 or 5 tweets. If they are all advertising for their stuff, I am not going to follow.
  • I also see the frequency of posts. If the post every 8 minutes, I am not going to follow.
  • And, I look at how many people they follow and how many followers they have. If they follow 1200  and have 30 followers, I skip it.
  • If  I make it through this, I go to their web site. If  its  something interesting I am going to follow at that point.
  • I also ask myself why are they following me?  This can get you added or not pretty fast.

How do you decide who to follow?

My not very important view on tweeting:

I try to be interesting and keep the self promoting tweets to a 20%  of less ratio. Not easy.  But I have found that if I really don’t have anything to say, I can retweet someone who does.  BTW, I think you should re-tweet

often. At least 10%  of the time. You don’t look nearly as self centered 😉

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