Denver SEO Success Story

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Denver SEO Success Story

I just got off the phone with one of our Denver SEO clients.  It’s  a business coach who we have been working on their Denver SEO for about a month.

She shared with me that she had just signed up a new client based solely on her ranking under Denver Business Coach on Google. That was the keyword phrase we started with to get her company more visible.

That one client will pay for the optimization program 10 times over. And that’s just the start.

We did Denver SEO for a linen rental company late last year (2010)  and the owner told me he gets about two new clients a month from the Google listing.

Each client bills over $12,000  a year.  So, at that rate he would have an additional 24 clients a year billing $288,000.00  in annual gross billing just based on his SEO program.  I may have to go to a percentage of sales on these Denver SEO programs!  😉

That’s why I really love SEO.  When done correctly, it’s the best R.O.I. a company can have in advertising.

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