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Colorado Springs SEO

We have lot’s of clients in Colorado Springs! Doing SEO for Colorado Springs clients is not much different than a Denver or Phoenix customer.

We have recommendations from several Colorado Springs based companies and our President, Mike Bayes, has appeared on several Colorado Springs Radio and T.V. shows.  Most recently on the Tanya Hall Social Media radio and Internet broadcast, as well as being a long time friend and guest of Mike Boyle (, on his T.V. and Radio shows.

We offer great rates and great results for Colorado Springs SEO.  We can get your phone ringing with calls from targeted prospects who found you on the Internet as fast as a few days (using Pay per Click).  And keep them calling over the long term with a very cost effective Colorado Springs SEO program.

Check out our references on our testimonial page and call us today. Or view our Colorado Springs SEO page

at 303 500 3054 ext 1.  For Colorado Springs SEO information

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

When we explain SEO, or search engine optimization, to business owners, we explain it in this analogy.

SEO is like a popularity contest back in high school.  Every one wants to be liked by Google.  So the first thing is Google has to like your looks.  In this case, that’s your site.  Google like’s sites with good content,  easy navigation,  and a site that is clear what it’s about.

The second thing Google wants to know is who likes you ( who you hang out with). In this case what other sites like you, and how does Google feel about those sites. If they are popular, your site is going to pick up some popularity points in this contest. A site’s trust is also very important, is Google confident that the site that mentions your site is on the “good” list.


Google also wants you to be popular with sites that are related to you. No one likes a wishy washy site.  Are the sites that like you, related to what you are?

And Google knows who likes you (your site) by what other sites link back to you, or give you a mention.

If you want to see more about how Google Index’s web sites check out our  SEO Page and the video by Google’s own Matt Cutts.