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Using Anchor Text for SEO is Stupid

Using Anchor Text is Stupid.

As a Denver based Search Engine Optimization Company we can clearly say that using unnatural Anchor Text to help your sites ranking is stupid, and always has been. SEO’s have been using it as a measurement and tool since the beginning of time and with the recent changes at Google many are suffering the consequences, and more accurately their former or current clients are suffering the rankings drop.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome (Photo credit:

One of the principles Google speaks to in SEO is taking actions as if Google didn’t exist. Great SEO starts with that premise. So unnatural Anchor Text is a CLEAR violation of that principle, and can be easily identified by a search engine.

I do not think that on Site basics apply to this principle.  Your site must be as clear and specific as possible about its content. That’s not gaming the system, it’s just common sense. Most of the tactics Google seems to hate are off site and in your sites link profile.

Let’s go to the basics. In order of importance for making sure Google and other search engines can index and understand what your site is about (or your sites pages).

  1. Your URL.  This seems simple.  If your site URL or page URL says Dentist, well, Google will have a strong clue that you’re a Dentist.  I know about the Google patent on exact match domains, but as of now we haven’t seen much evidence that there have been any changes in actual rankings.

Here is the logic:  If Google didn’t exist, I would want a domain that clearly defines what I am. So yes, I would use a domain like  or Dentist in Detroit , or Pretty smile dentist….   To me that stands’ up to the principle that great web visibility starts with acting like Google doesn’t exist.

2.)    Your Meta Title:  Next to the domain name, this is how any search engine figures out what your site is about. Remember, these are robots, not English majors reading the Title of a page.  So if you are a Dentist in Chicago, I would use Dentist in Chicago in the first few words.

3.)    Content:  I don’t really give a hoot about percentage of keywords in your copy, or even your H1, H2 tags…what we should care about is that when someone reads the page, that it is very clear what the page is about.  If that leads to a natural paragraph heading that includes the words in your title tag, so be it. If it doesn’t, that’s fine to.

4.)    And… remember… content and rankings are by page not site. It would be very confusing if Meta tags were the only information a person looking for your site could see, and every page on your site had the same Meta title.  80 pages of Dentist in Chicago. Looks sloppy. And then which page would they click on?  Confusing.

And then to the off site:

English: The three biggest web search engines
English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are times when you can use Anchor Text to point to your site. But the reality is not many. And if you are lucky enough to get a link on a good quality site, Google will already know what the page is about that the link is pointing to because it’s clear in the Meta title and copy on the page. Why add Anchor text? Really?  You don’t think Google or others have the page Indexed?  Then that’s another issue.  And then if you use the same Anchor Text to different pages on your site that have different subjects, will, you get the picture.

Using Anchor Text always has been stupid (in most cases).

I know that the vast majority of SEO tips and principles are really just opinions, so if you disagree I completely understand and respect that. SEO or web visibility is a complex field, and you always have to look at correlation versus causation and do a bunch of research and study to really feel confident.  Or, you can produce really stellar content and give clear and precise information on your site and pages, and then actively become part of the Internet communities to promote your business.  In the now and the future we feel (even in its simplified summary) that the later will win the day.

Don’t hesitate to call us if we can help you. 303 500 3053 ext 1.  (Mike)



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Did Google Change Exact Match Domain Rankings?

Exact match domain Ranking changes.

Google filed a patient in 2003 describing how they might handle the issue of exact match domains getting better rankings in the search engine results compared to other sites. That patient was just approved.

Here is a great article about it by  of SEO By the Sea 2011/10/googles-exact-match- domain-name-patent-detecting- commercial-queries/

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

There appears to be some strong evidence (at least at the local organic level) that Google has already started making changes in the SER based on discounting the value of a domain with an exact match domain name.  We have several sites that have exact match keywords in the domain that we built more than 6 years ago. In the last few days, one fell from the first position for its exact match keyword, to the 11th position. This is a local site. None of our customer domains are using this strategy, just sites we built throughout the years for one reason or another.

We also have seen our non domain exact match sites move up, and in some cases significantly. This blog is a great example, as two days ago it was ranked number 11 under SEO in Denver, and today it is third. It should be noted we don’t do any specific SEO program to our site; we are just active on the Internet in natural places. No one spends 8 hours a week or month or year doing SEO work for the site.

Architecture of a Web crawler.
Architecture of a Web crawler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would love to hear if you are seeing a change in your site based on exact match domain names.  The fact that Google has made two major changes in the last two weeks that have also had a large effect on many local rankings will make this a little more difficult to figure out the old causation versus correlation of a change.

It also appears that this change has had no effect on the Google Maps results. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see the Maps rankings change some based on this as well, but the Google Maps listings have a tendency to follow organic changes after a period of time.


303 500 3053

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Top Ranked SEO’s by City in the United States

The top ranked SEO web Sites in the United States by City:

I was interested in what page and domain authority the top three search engine optimization sites have for the largest cities in the United States. You can take a look at the numbers and see how your site currently ranks compared to the top SEO sites in major US cities.

I am using the free SEOmoz browser tools, so any one can duplicate this test, in what ever niche you like.

I’ll be looking at each city leaders individually later, to see if we can find some commonalities in how they achieve these rankings. Hint, many do web design as well as SEO and have the normal “web design by” link on the home page of the sites they have built, giving them a huge advantage over search engine optimization companies that do not   provide web design services.

The good news is I don’t see much black hat or at least questionable linking or on site tactics, and that does seem to confirm that the tricky SEO’s, using what could be called black hat tactics, don’t do well when it comes down to competitive rankings. I mean “search engine optimization ” should be a pretty competitive term right?

Chicago:  Search Tern “Chicago Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 59, 64,59

DA: 51, 65, 64

Houston: Search Term “Houston Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 52, 64, 61

DA: 42, 58, 54

Los Angeles: Search Term ” Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization”

Top 3 sites

PA: 65, 60, 63

A: 57, 58, 55

How About Phoenix ( Yes it is one of the top 5 populated cities you east coast snobs ;))

Top 3 Phoenix SEO Sites
PA: 44, 57, 62
DA: 32, 48, 54


Guess we better do New York ( I didn’t put them first because they are always first)
Top 3 New York Search Engine Optimization sites
PA: 64, 78, 70
DA: 56, 75, 100 <<< That 100 is a youtube video. hmm…

So how do these compare to the mid market cities? Lets look at Jacksonville Florida, 11th in US population (Who knew?)

Top 3 Jacksonville Florida Search Engine Optimization sites.

PA: 51, 46, 55
DA: 41, 36, 57

Let’s take the 17th largest city ( I picked this number randomly before I looked at the list)
Charlotte North Carolina (A pleasant surprised, as I have spent time in Charlotte, and always enjoyed it’s splendid hospitality.)

Top 3 Sites:
PA: 39, 59, 38
DA: 27, 56, 64

And just for comparison lets do Cheyenne Wyoming, only because I know it’s small. I mean really small.

Top 3 Sites Cheyenne search engine optimization. (I actually give you 4 because I thought number 4 was funny)

PA: 47, 23, 37, 01
DA: 65,11,25, 04

Yes friends, the 4th ranked site has a 01 page authority and a 04 domain authority according to SEOmoz. The third ranked site is in Atlanta (I think) and its site appears to be down currently.

Now don’t go rushing off to expand your SEO company into Cheyenne. You don’t belong there son.  Trust me, I played in a Country and western band and toured in Wyoming.

And the summary:

City PA 1 PA 2 PA 3 Total PA top 3
New York 64 78 70 212
L.A. 65 60 63 188
Chicago 59 64 59 182
Houston 52 64 61 177
Phoenix 44 57 62 163
Jacksonville 51 46 55 152
Cheyenne 47 23 37 107


Your PA Here

No surprises that I can see, but it does give you a pretty good idea what your site PA  and DA would need to be to compete for the coveted first page top 3 rankings for”your City search engine optimization”.

I hope to get a little deeper into assessing the commonalities of these sites over the next month.  I’ll look at where the links come from. on site factors, and all the stuff you would look at if you were doing it. Let me know what you think I should be looking at, or do your own and let me know if you find any thing interesting. You can subscribe to our newsletter >>>>>>>>  over there in the right column,  if you want to see more detailed things on how to SEO, or tips and such.

Until then, I’ll see you in Cheyenne!

Here is a good article on how we sell  Search Engine optimization services click here  ( Don’t laugh at click here, it’s good anchor text!)


And in the spirit of helping our friends doing SEO in Cheyenne I give you some juice love. SEO in Cheyenne

Any of you who do SEO should do the same… lets help out this cowboy!


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First Page Rankings On Google Guaranteed Is A Farce

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

First Page of Google Guaranteed is a Farce.

I have received three emails over the last month from companies that will “Get your site on the first page of Google and not accept any payment until you are on the first page”. They do require you submit the keyword you are trying to rank for of course, and after they research it, they will let you know if you qualify for the no pay until first page program.

Two things. One, and this is very important, being on the first page in the 4th through 10th position isn’t going to bring you much traffic. Maybe less than a percent of all the searches. Remember the first position gets 38% or so of all the clicks.

Second. If they need to qualify what keyword you want, they are only going to accept the easy keywords, which are easy to optimize because they get very little traffic and have very little competition.

So here is my offer: If any of our readers are tempted to proceed with such an offer, please send us the proposal and we will do the same thing for 50% less of whatever their price is. Guaranteed.

However, what will really get you where you want to be is our Custom SEO Programs:


303 500 3053 Ext 1

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The Difference Between First and Third in Rankings


The most recent studies show that a web site ranked first for a keyword on a search engine will receive about 38% of all the clicks. The site in the third position gets about 8%.  Many  businesses are happy with rankings below the first or second position. If you are one of those, think of the revenue value of just moving up a few positions! You could increase your Internet sales 400%  by going to the next level.

How to move up in the rankings.

Moving from fourth to second can be a much greater move than even moving from the tenth page to the first.  Those top two positions are generally very competitive, and the site owners in many cases have an SEO firm working every month to keep those positions.

One of the most affordable ways to make that move is using our starter SEO plan if you are a local business.  Or if you are in a hurry to triple your on line sales and revenues, a custom SEO assessment and program.

Subscribe to our Starter SEO package, even if your on the first page!  We guarantee your rankings will improve.  More Information here Starter SEO packages.

Just subscribe today to get started or call us at 303 500 3053 ext 1 for a free ranking assessment. We are  A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau!

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Google Places Reviews and Rankings

There is far more to Local SEO in for Google places than just the ranking of your web site. The reality is, even if your site is in the first or second position for three of four keywords, you will still end up in the 3rd or 4th position for other relevant keywords.


Take our Friends At Vivax Pro Painting. Their site is ranked in the first or second position for just about every search you can imagine related to house painting ______ < add a city around Denver. But for a few searches they fall to 4th or so.

They still will get a high percentage of the clicks for one reason They have 6 reviews  and therefore have the “Stars”  on the SER places listing. This will draw people to click. If they had 2 reviews, or none, they wouldn’t stand out, and would lose about 75% of the possible clicks to their site because they are in the 4th position. The first three listings will get about 85% of clicks in a all things being equal situation. But by providing the searches with something that clearly makes your listing stand out, you can pick up a larger share of clicks, and therefore customers.

LOCAL SEO’s who focus only on rankings are not doing the best job they can… and their clients may be losing out on revenue.

That’s way we provide a turn key system to clients to get their customers to go to and review their services on Google and other important sites. It’s not SEO, it’s PR  and conversion tactics.


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Google Places Local Citation Sites

Google Local Citation Sites

We get a lot of questions about what sites to add that are good for Google Local Citations. Even with the recent changes to Google Places (not showing citations anymore) there is a considerable amount of belief that adding a “citation” link to your back link’s can be helpful in your Google Places rankings.

In our experience, adding sites for the primary purpose of gaining a citation had lost most of its value last year. We don’t make this statement out of simple opinion, but based on assessing local web sites places rankings for over 4 years.

For a brief time we thought Google may have just stopped indexing the deep pages associated with many of the common citation sites people would use. An example may have been a listing on Merchant Circle. Merchant Circle was built around (according to their PR) getting a local site ranked higher and bringing it more local traffic. I am not picking on them, there are hundreds of on line yellow page sites, and directories that web masters, SEO’s and others used for adding citations and trying to boost their sites rankings in Local directories. The truth seems to be; today those sites have almost no value in bring your local site traffic or rankings!

But Google does continue to index these pages. One difference between a year ago and now (August 2011) is many of these citations don’t show up as a link in our back link reports. And it’s not that we use just one back link reporting tool, we use 5 different tools, because you get different information from each, depending on their methodology on how they acquire the back links to a site. We also do manual checks to as a final scrub so to speak. So those lead us to looking at it in a different light. That being, more from a link value stand point, than a citation value.

So what happened?  And how can we learn from it.

Our opinion is pretty simple and falls in line with the basic principle that Google is looking for the best quality sites for a keyword search. We think this started in the Local search area with last October’s update when Google changed significantly how a Local Maps listing was ranked, by blending the organic ranking factors into the Maps results, or to be more accurate, by weighting those factors far more heavily.  And these local ranking factors have continued to evolve with the Panda updates this year.

Here is our thought. Pre Google changes the domain authority of the site you had a citation or link on was far more important than it is today, with the Page authority having less importance.  Let’s take a completely made up model of that.

Your link appears on a P.R. 7 site.  ( I know PR is not the metric to use and we don’t, but it’s the commonly understood vernacular of basic SEO) and your site appears on a page that has no external links to it or any real ranking authority of it’s own.  In the old days it was clear your site still received some value based on the domain authority.  Lets call it a formula like this. Link value equals: ( Domain Authority / 2 )+( Page authority / outbound links on page).  DO NOT TRY AND ANALYZE THIS FORMULA. I made it up and its only supposes to show that the domain had a higher influence on the Link value.

We think today Google is primarily looking at the page authority of your link or citation, and has discounted significantly the added value of the Domain Authority (P.R., or SEOmoz  DA) .  So a link or citation is as good as the Page it’s on, not the Domain it’s on.

Is it really this simple? No!  Those people at Google are smart as a whip as my Mom use to say (I still don’t get that saying,  or was it sharp as a whip, or tack? )  But for those of us who work on web visibility and promotion, it’s a good guide, and it’s working for us.

And it is in complete harmony with Google’s public position on why sites rank well. More on that statement later.

Like all opinions on what makes a web site rank well, this is just an opinion.  It does seem to be proving accurate to the extent we can test it with our web promotion programs. We would love to hear from others on what they see as important ranking factors.  Remember our Golden Rule of SEO.  If you would take a certain action irregardless of how it will affect your sites ranking, and only because it will give your site better traffic and visibility, it’s a good thing to do. If you are taking an action solely for the perceived value it will bring in your sites ranking, it’s not going to help long term.

P.S. (Bad news for all those marketing companies promoting that they will add a link to your site on 100 P.R. 7 blogs for $7.00.  huh?

Want to discuss this, or get more information?  Call us or contact us Or if you are really interested in doing (or are doing) SEO  you may want to join our web optimizers club





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SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Opti...
Image by Hobo! via Flickr

SEO is a tricky little devil  these days.  Ultimately the bottom line on any SEO program is how much new profitable business you have come from it.

If you are looking for reports about the effectiveness of your SEO programs we thought we would show you what we produce for clients. This is a partial quarterly report.


M and E Painting. 3 month Report on Status of Web Site Visibility and SEO  for


  • Have your web firm add the Google 1+ button on your site.
  • My One Call to work on specific opportunities identified on this report.  Including SEO for “Painting Contractor in” Keyword, via on site suggestions, places account and anchor text on My One Call owned sites.
  • Run Large Scale Keyword report to determine additional opportunities
  • Check why PPC is high in Fort Collins and Greely
  • Add social media links in August. Add no follow links. Link profile is high in Follow links.
  • Current SEOmoz SEO ranking.    PA 37  and Domain  Authority  26 ( Seomoz is the internet’s most reliable SEO ranking service, that closely monitors and try’s to replicate Goggles Algorithms )  Add diversity to link profile to improve rankings overall.

Key word reports from Google:  Based on a review of your site these are the main keywords consumers will use to find you.  SEE PAGE BELOW

As you can see the main keyword is House Painting.  The way Google works is if a consumer in Broomfield (or any decent size city) types in only House Painting they will get a list of the top local sites in the map section.  MOVE TO PAGE BELOW


In the following example we set our browser for zip code 80021 (Broomfield) to determine your site does rank highly with or with out the “local intent” city in the search


Your site is Ranked Number two using this method.


Here is your site ranking using the local intent term in the search:



Your site is Ranked Number 1 in Maps and Number 1 Organically

Here are the same comparisons for Loveland, and Fort Collins:

Loveland with City



Loveland with browser set to zip





House Painting with Fort Collins

House painting with zip in browser (as if in Fort Collins, no city Intent)

As you can see when a consumer searches with out a “city” you are still in great positions.  The national sites do show up above the map, but as we are seeking consumers looking for local painters your click rate for these searches should be similar to the local intent (city name ) searches.

The second highest searched term according to the Google keyword report is “Painting Contractors In “

Her are the rankings in your primary cities for that search.


Fort Collins:  Opportunity to move you into the MAPS section  SEE PAGE BELOW

Painting Contractor In Broomfield

Opportunity to move into Maps!  Number 1 Organic

Your sites ranking is determined by two large buckets. The first is your on site optimization, which includes Meta tags, Copy, and navigation, and the second is off site optimization which is how many sites, social media,  and mentions link to your site, or mention your company.

Current Back Links from Link   This report is also attached as an excel sheet with more information.

URL Anchor Link Type STR SEOmoz Page Authority SEOmoz Domain Authority Web Good 0 52 91 -N/A- Missing 0 47 80 Good 50 46 85 M &amp; E Painting Good 1 43 60 Good 48 40 56 M & E Painting Good 1 38 46 M &amp; E Painting Good 0 38 51 -N/A- Missing 0 37 38;>M &amp; E Painting Good 0 37 60 M&amp;E Painting, LLC Good 0 37 34 Good 0 35 38 Good 0 35 37 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 33 50 M & E Painting Good 2 32 41 M&amp;E         Painting Good 0 31 42 Good 0 29 32 Good 6 28 22 M &amp; E Painting Good 0 27 26 Good 0 27 30 M&amp;E Painting LLC Good 0 27 42 M&amp;E Painting, LLC Good 4 26 17 House Painting Good 0 26 21 House Painting Broomfield, Colorado Springs Good 0 26 25 Website Good 0 25 31 M & E Painting Good 1 25 46 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 24 19 House Painting &nbsp;in Colorado Springs Good 1 23 17 M&amp;E Good 0 23 17 Good 0 23 50 M&amp;E Painting Good 0 22 18 M&amp;E Painting Good 0 21 19 House painter Good 3 21 17 Good 6 21 22 Good 0 20 15 [ALT] m &amp; e painting Good 1 20 13 Website Good 0 17 31 M &amp; E Painting Good 0 17 26 M &amp; E Painting Good 0 17 14 M & E Painting Good 1 11 41 Visit Our Website Good 0 10 52 M &amp; E Painting Good 0 9 51 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 7 19 M&amp;E Painting Good 3 6 17 M&amp;E Painting Good 0 5 19 view website Nofollow 0 4 61 M &amp; E Painting LLC Good 0 1 29 M&amp;E Painting, LLC Good 4 1 34 Our Services Good 0 21 24 -N/A- Mention 0 34 55

On Page Optimization Report:  House Painting

We have attached a PDF of this report to the email sent.

Google Web Master Summary:

Shows no HTML problems

Shows no Google plus clicks

Shows site is being crawled (29 pages a day average)

Impressions you have by Key word (how many times your site showed up in search results on Google for the keyword last 30 days.

SEE NEXT PAGE…This report generally gives you a good view of how Google see’s the keywords on your site and how Google displays your site for those terms.  Google shows the following Domains linking to your

We checked your sites linking structure in Google web master and it appears good.

Google Analytics:

Your site traffic continues to improve

Your bounce rate is acceptable

Top Traffic sources since April 2010

Top Traffic sources Last 90 Days

Google Pay Per Click:

July:  Cost is down a little over July.

Greely and Fort Collins are by far the highest clicked and cost.

Action:  Check way Greely and Fort Collins cost is this high



Some of the images where removed, but you can see our point.  SEO is about rankings, and those rankings resulting in customers.


see more about our SEO services





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White Hat SEO in Denver

As a company that works on web popularity and marketing programs for businesses in Denver a lot, part of that is seeing what tactics  other SEO companies use to get rankings for their clients.

SEO in Denver is a relatively small field, so if you are around long enough you have the opportunity to see the process and work of many of the leading companies.

One tactic that is used often by several is the production of additional web sites in addition to the primary web site of a client. As an example, of you business is a handyman service, an seo might suggest the normal process of working with your main site, and then add 4 additional sites with the words handyman _____

and add a city name to the city term.

Lot’s of good SEO thought process here, and some might call it black hat or at least gray.  AS a comparison other SEO’s use blogs they clearly produced and optimized that frankly have little or no value besides the SEO value.

We think the multiple web site tactic is white hat.  Why wouldn’t you want your business as visible as possible?  If the Internet was a Interstate highway, your web site is a billboard. Of course you would want as many billboards as you could put up.

BUT,  Using the same content on different sites is a no no. This is where marketing and SEO have to work together.  In a Marketing sense, if you are being seen by a different audience than your main site duplicate content wouldn’t matter. (It’s like running an advertisement in two different magazines).  Google however hates duplicate content and has no ability to discern logically if the content is intended and delivered to different audiences.

Just another example of how small business owners can get into ranking trouble, even when their intent is honest.

See more about our search engine optimization

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