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The Difference Between First and Third in Rankings


The most recent studies show that a web site ranked first for a keyword on a search engine will receive about 38% of all the clicks. The site in the third position gets about 8%.  Many  businesses are happy with rankings below the first or second position. If you are one of those, think of the revenue value of just moving up a few positions! You could increase your Internet sales 400%  by going to the next level.

How to move up in the rankings.

Moving from fourth to second can be a much greater move than even moving from the tenth page to the first.  Those top two positions are generally very competitive, and the site owners in many cases have an SEO firm working every month to keep those positions.

One of the most affordable ways to make that move is using our starter SEO plan if you are a local business.  Or if you are in a hurry to triple your on line sales and revenues, a custom SEO assessment and program.

Subscribe to our Starter SEO package, even if your on the first page!  We guarantee your rankings will improve.  More Information here Starter SEO packages.

Just subscribe today to get started or call us at 303 500 3053 ext 1 for a free ranking assessment. We are  A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau!

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SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Opti...
Image by Hobo! via Flickr

SEO is a tricky little devil  these days.  Ultimately the bottom line on any SEO program is how much new profitable business you have come from it.

If you are looking for reports about the effectiveness of your SEO programs we thought we would show you what we produce for clients. This is a partial quarterly report.


M and E Painting. 3 month Report on Status of Web Site Visibility and SEO  for


  • Have your web firm add the Google 1+ button on your site.
  • My One Call to work on specific opportunities identified on this report.  Including SEO for “Painting Contractor in” Keyword, via on site suggestions, places account and anchor text on My One Call owned sites.
  • Run Large Scale Keyword report to determine additional opportunities
  • Check why PPC is high in Fort Collins and Greely
  • Add social media links in August. Add no follow links. Link profile is high in Follow links.
  • Current SEOmoz SEO ranking.    PA 37  and Domain  Authority  26 ( Seomoz is the internet’s most reliable SEO ranking service, that closely monitors and try’s to replicate Goggles Algorithms )  Add diversity to link profile to improve rankings overall.

Key word reports from Google:  Based on a review of your site these are the main keywords consumers will use to find you.  SEE PAGE BELOW

As you can see the main keyword is House Painting.  The way Google works is if a consumer in Broomfield (or any decent size city) types in only House Painting they will get a list of the top local sites in the map section.  MOVE TO PAGE BELOW


In the following example we set our browser for zip code 80021 (Broomfield) to determine your site does rank highly with or with out the “local intent” city in the search


Your site is Ranked Number two using this method.


Here is your site ranking using the local intent term in the search:



Your site is Ranked Number 1 in Maps and Number 1 Organically

Here are the same comparisons for Loveland, and Fort Collins:

Loveland with City



Loveland with browser set to zip





House Painting with Fort Collins

House painting with zip in browser (as if in Fort Collins, no city Intent)

As you can see when a consumer searches with out a “city” you are still in great positions.  The national sites do show up above the map, but as we are seeking consumers looking for local painters your click rate for these searches should be similar to the local intent (city name ) searches.

The second highest searched term according to the Google keyword report is “Painting Contractors In “

Her are the rankings in your primary cities for that search.


Fort Collins:  Opportunity to move you into the MAPS section  SEE PAGE BELOW

Painting Contractor In Broomfield

Opportunity to move into Maps!  Number 1 Organic

Your sites ranking is determined by two large buckets. The first is your on site optimization, which includes Meta tags, Copy, and navigation, and the second is off site optimization which is how many sites, social media,  and mentions link to your site, or mention your company.

Current Back Links from Link   This report is also attached as an excel sheet with more information.

URL Anchor Link Type STR SEOmoz Page Authority SEOmoz Domain Authority Web Good 0 52 91 -N/A- Missing 0 47 80 Good 50 46 85 M & E Painting Good 1 43 60 Good 48 40 56 M & E Painting Good 1 38 46 M & E Painting Good 0 38 51 -N/A- Missing 0 37 38">M & E Painting Good 0 37 60 M&E Painting, LLC Good 0 37 34 Good 0 35 38 Good 0 35 37 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 34 36 Good 0 33 50 M & E Painting Good 2 32 41 M&E         Painting Good 0 31 42 Good 0 29 32 Good 6 28 22 M & E Painting Good 0 27 26 Good 0 27 30 M&E Painting LLC Good 0 27 42 M&E Painting, LLC Good 4 26 17 House Painting Good 0 26 21 House Painting Broomfield, Colorado Springs Good 0 26 25 Website Good 0 25 31 M & E Painting Good 1 25 46 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 24 19 House Painting  in Colorado Springs Good 1 23 17 M&E Good 0 23 17 Good 0 23 50 M&E Painting Good 0 22 18 M&E Painting Good 0 21 19 House painter Good 3 21 17 Good 6 21 22 Good 0 20 15 [ALT] m & e painting Good 1 20 13 Website Good 0 17 31 M & E Painting Good 0 17 26 M & E Painting Good 0 17 14 M & E Painting Good 1 11 41 Visit Our Website Good 0 10 52 M & E Painting Good 0 9 51 House Painting Denver. Painter Good 0 7 19 M&E Painting Good 3 6 17 M&E Painting Good 0 5 19 view website Nofollow 0 4 61 M & E Painting LLC Good 0 1 29 M&E Painting, LLC Good 4 1 34 Our Services Good 0 21 24 -N/A- Mention 0 34 55

On Page Optimization Report:  House Painting

We have attached a PDF of this report to the email sent.

Google Web Master Summary:

Shows no HTML problems

Shows no Google plus clicks

Shows site is being crawled (29 pages a day average)

Impressions you have by Key word (how many times your site showed up in search results on Google for the keyword last 30 days.

SEE NEXT PAGE…This report generally gives you a good view of how Google see’s the keywords on your site and how Google displays your site for those terms.  Google shows the following Domains linking to your

We checked your sites linking structure in Google web master and it appears good.

Google Analytics:

Your site traffic continues to improve

Your bounce rate is acceptable

Top Traffic sources since April 2010

Top Traffic sources Last 90 Days

Google Pay Per Click:

July:  Cost is down a little over July.

Greely and Fort Collins are by far the highest clicked and cost.

Action:  Check way Greely and Fort Collins cost is this high



Some of the images where removed, but you can see our point.  SEO is about rankings, and those rankings resulting in customers.


see more about our SEO services





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Google places change again… (Yawn)

Local SEO ExampleGoogle places has made some changes to what is displayed in your businesses Google places account.  Gone are the reviews from other than Google places users, although it will still show the links and number of reviews found on other review site (Yelp, Insider pages, and mores)

They also have removed the long studied (by local SEO firms) citations at the bottom of the page. Many bloggers are calling this a major blow to local SEO firms.  They base this on old and outdated local SEO tactic where a SEO would research the Citation sites found on the top ranked local maps competition and use those citations to get ranking for a client.  Frankly, that has not worked since fall of 2010. (Our estimate)

As we have been blogging about from time to time, Local SEO changed last October, when Google decided to mix both a sites organic rankings and Maps placement.  We had always used both Local directories as well as organic SEO to get our clients better Internet visibility, but for the “Local SEO” firms that where just using Local only tactics, the changes must have had a negative effect on client rankings.

So what do yesterdays changes mean to Local SEO?  Nothing. It’s still  the same premise.  Do great promotion and visibility programs for your site.  Don’t try to keep up with every change Google makes (it will drive you crazy),  just use sound marketing and promotion principles to get the right people to your site.

As this post is getting a great deal of attention and is ranked number 1 on Google for “Google places Changes”  I thought I should add some additional content that might be of use to someone interested in the subject.  I am assuming you are either a SEO or a business owner manager involved in the on-line promotion of your site?

Best current Local Maps (Google places) promotional tactics.

First, don’t fall in love with Maps.  Organic SEO on local intent SER can do as much if not more for you. Remember only 30%-60% of searchers are searching with a local intent term. The others are being served local sites because Google assumes they are looking for a local company.

Second.  Citations are dead. This is my opinion, but watching and assessing rankings for new clients seems to strongly suggest that  building the old Citation links and mentions is a complete waste of time. Only add your site to local directories that will actually bring you traffic!  Here is our YES list:  Yelp, Angie’s, local Better Business Bureau, and your chamber.  Also any niche directory’s with less than 10 0r 15 listings can be very valuable.  Don’t pay for listings!

Third. In the beginning your physical address has as much to do with your local ranking as anything. The address of your company and its proximity to what Google considers “city center” is a huge factor. Also, make sure your address(s) are displayed on your home page and contact page. As your site gains better trust and SEOmoz page authority your physical address will become less of a factor. Make sure Google knows what cities you service by using your Google places account, and mention this on your site.

Fourth. Using SEOmoz page authority as your guiding light is the best method for improving your rankings on Maps and organic. Combine the other tactics I am talking about with high quality back linking and content is the only way to improve your rankings that I see consistently work.

Fifth. Link’s and mentions from other local site’s are highly respected with Google.  Get your associates to mention you on their sites. Sponsor a local charities page, write real reviews of your local vendors that they can post on their site (include your Company Name Address and Phone, as well as your www if they will do that.

Eight.  Domain names matter. So do Company names. Yes, I understand that if you have been in business 10 years you can not change your name,  domain and address. Or can you?  If it’s a new campaign, go ahead and start with a keyword based domain name.

Nine. No follow links are good.  You hear a lot that no follow links pass no link juice (or whatever).  The point is to get your site promoted, so if a site is no follow, but can bring you good traffic, use it!  Twitter, Face book, most wordpress blogs are no follow, but have great traffic and, do you really thing Google is just blindly following the instructions of the site owner for what link is trustworthy and what link is not? Please.

Ten.  If you are going to work on your sites ranking and visibility, you are going to need to put in the time to do it. Figure an hour a day for 3 months. That’s 60 hours of sometimes productive, and many times non productive time, some one has to invest.

And then the golden rule: No one thing is going to put you in the top of a Google Places  search. I think you would agree, that all of the tactics I talk about are just good old fashion P.R. and promotion. Use this mind set… the P.R. mind set, what can I do to get my site (businesses/services) seen and noticed by the largest group of prospects possible.  And once I am noticed, what is it they are going to experience?

Putting all this work into a poorly developed site is a pretty big mistake, I had three restaurants I owned years ago and did a BIG radio promotion selling any thing on the menu for .79 cents on a Saturday morning. It was a disaster of course, we had a line out the door, and ran out of half our items. Service was slow, and the product went out lousy.  Not only did the promotion not work, it hurt us!

As in life, as in SEO ” above all, do no harm”

The best SEO advice?  Build content your prospects want to see.

If you are interested in doing your own SEO, or are a SEO looking for a little help, you may want to check out our web optimizer club


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White Hat SEO in Denver

As a company that works on web popularity and marketing programs for businesses in Denver a lot, part of that is seeing what tactics  other SEO companies use to get rankings for their clients.

SEO in Denver is a relatively small field, so if you are around long enough you have the opportunity to see the process and work of many of the leading companies.

One tactic that is used often by several is the production of additional web sites in addition to the primary web site of a client. As an example, of you business is a handyman service, an seo might suggest the normal process of working with your main site, and then add 4 additional sites with the words handyman _____

and add a city name to the city term.

Lot’s of good SEO thought process here, and some might call it black hat or at least gray.  AS a comparison other SEO’s use blogs they clearly produced and optimized that frankly have little or no value besides the SEO value.

We think the multiple web site tactic is white hat.  Why wouldn’t you want your business as visible as possible?  If the Internet was a Interstate highway, your web site is a billboard. Of course you would want as many billboards as you could put up.

BUT,  Using the same content on different sites is a no no. This is where marketing and SEO have to work together.  In a Marketing sense, if you are being seen by a different audience than your main site duplicate content wouldn’t matter. (It’s like running an advertisement in two different magazines).  Google however hates duplicate content and has no ability to discern logically if the content is intended and delivered to different audiences.

Just another example of how small business owners can get into ranking trouble, even when their intent is honest.

See more about our search engine optimization

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Local Search Engine Optimization Changes

SEO in Denver ClientRecently there has been a great deal of discussion on the SEO forum’s and professional sites about how the Google Map rankings are changing.

We have been watching it very closely, and in a nut shell, the big difference between how you places account was ranked last year, and how they seem to get ranked this year is this:

Google places rankings now are based more on organic SEO  than maps criteria. There are two elements that remain important that were and are unique to Places. First, and I know this sounds  like I don’t have to say it, but you need to list your company in Google places if you are not there now, and fill out the profile with good categories.  Two, the address of your business as it relates to the city center still is important.

After that, We use to add a bunch of known citation sites. Most of those don’t even show up as a citation any more, and many don’t even show up as a link.  I wouldn’t forget citations, but I would down grade their importance a bunch.

Now it’s all about standard organic optimization.  Get your home page up to speed (easy)  and then add quality content to your site, and then add links from quality popular sites.

The best way we have found to determine how strong your site is (from an SEO prospective) is to use the free tool bar from If some or all of this is above your head, but you want to learn, SEOmoz is a great resource, as is SEO book  and Majestic SEO.

Once you have it downloaded it will give you a Page Authority rank for any page you are on.  It’s called PA  and you need to see how the sites that are ranking above you ranked on PA, and then look at yours.

Many sites that have had very little attention will be around a 10 PA.  In most local categories you will need a 25 to 40  PA for your site to get on the front page.  You can learn how to add ranking to your site at any of the sites I listed above.  I use the rule of thumb that you will need 10 hours SEO to get from 20-30, and 40 hours more to move from 30 to 40.  If you follow with that logic you are looking at 120-160 hours to move from 40 to 50. And of course, if you are a beginner Triple the time, as you will  be learning as you go.

Most SEO companies charge at least $100  to $150. an hour.  If you do the math, you can then decide if SEO is  viable  option for your business.  We have other options as well, including SEO management consulting, where we work with your employee to work through an SEO program.  And we do the complete SEO programs for you as well.

If your interested in Doing your own SEO work, you may want to look at joining our Web Optimizers club. It makes your life easier






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Face Book Shares and SEO

The conversation continues in the SEO circles concerning how facebook shares effect a sites ranking.

In a recent blog on SEOmoz , Matt Peters goes into great detail to test the relationship between a web sites number of face book shares and it’s ranking. You can read it here

For those of us who do not possess a degree in advanced mathmatic’s, it comes down to this.  If a Site get’s a lot of shares, it’s because the page or site is interesting. Interesting web sites get lot’s of attention, and getting a lot of attention brings better rankings.

So once again, the best tactic to bring up your search engine rankings is to be interesting, and be clear.  Some of the better rated sites we have developed or worked on do not have contest pages, or cartoons, or tips. What they do have is very clear information about what the visitor came to the site to get.

This is very good news for the small and medium business owner who doesn’t have the budget or time to put together a multimedia extravaganza produced by the top marketing minds in the Industry.  All we need to do is be very clear and informative on what our audience wants.

The mistakes we see are trying to be to many things to to many people on a page or site. If you sell both Carpet and Tile, you have two different audiences that over lap.  Better to have very two different  sections on your site.  Be clear and communicate one message at a time.

Think through what a person wants when they come to your page. They want to trust you, they want to know what you sell (brands and styles) they want to know your where you stand on pricing, and they want to know that you are popular.  You can get all that in the fold.

The best bounce rate we see on client sites is one of the most simple sites in it’s category. Highly ranked, and a 4% to 12% bounce. It’s simple, clear, and attracts the right people because of those elements.






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Googles new Billion Dollar Opportunity

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...
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Recently Google ran an advertisement for a sales manager and sales team in Seattle. In it they talk about their new billion dollar opportunity, selling services to the small and medium business community.  Having run a national sales force doing exactly that, with over 600 outside sales reps, I think they may find it more difficult than they think…  I have a better idea, and I am pretty sure Google would find this a much better and faster way to generate the next billion they need.

Ready? Here it is

Provide Customer Service, and charge a small fee to do so. It fits into their model, (don’t be evil).  I assume, that the reason they don’t do it now is multifarious, but one is basic. Costs to much money to service the peasant companies of the world. This being businesses that spend less that $600,000.  a year in advertising. That was the bench mark last time I looked, could have changed.

Google has no idea the time and energy small and medium businesses put into trying to figure out simple things like, how to get a business location listed in Places.  Or, how to set up and manage an ad words account.

In the SEO community one of the greatest frustrations for Local SEO’s (you see this in the forums all the time) is Google places. Listings pending, listings that are wrong. Right now one of my own company listing on Google places  is showing testimonials from a major competitor.  Sent a help request months ago.  Will do so again.

So, Google…  a $1.00 a  minute?  $20.00  per help ticket request?  Name your price!  We know what you are, now we just are negotiating the price 😉

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SEO Tips Denver CO.

SEO Tips in Denver

SEO tips for Denver Colorado web master s and business owners.

Recently Matt Cutts, the voice of Google for SEO , has been talking a bunch about the recent Panda changes at Google.  Here is what all this comes down to for SEO  and business owners.  Google says if someone will “book m,rk” your site, your in good shape for better rankings,  and then they add a hundred other things.  But, to me,  if we can focus on just that one aspect, the rest will fall in line quickly.

Here are some tips to get you thinking about why someone would book mark your site:

  • Calculators.  Useful information. How much will they save, spend, or what ever, for your service
  • Cartoons.  I know, odd, but a well done funny cartoon can get a lot of attention
  • Pictures of customers.  Good pictures will bring your customers back and they will tell there friends
  • Forums. Information with good interaction on your industry can bring lots of attention
  • Q  and A.  A well thought out Q.A. about important items in your industry
  • Videos  of ________.  How are process works, who are customers are, how we got started.
  • Tips.  Good tips they can not find somewhere else
  • DIY. Why not!  This can be very helpful
  • Contests. A good old fashion contest!

You don’t have to spend a ton of time linking other sites to yours if your site naturally attracts visitors through interesting and unique content.

Let us know what ideas work for you.


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Denver B.B.B. Fibs about it’s S.E.O. (search engine optimization) value.

Better Business Bureau logo.
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~~Up date April 2015.  Just spoke to a client who had a call from the local B.B.B. Sales representative who, just like in 2013 when we originally wrote about the Better Business Bureau claiming that the one simple act of joining their service and adding your web site link to your new B.B.B. listing will significantly increase your Google rankings. It’s not true.  Very few if any single site links will make a significant change in your web site rankings, and the link the B.B.B. provides certainly isn’t one of those.

You would think that an organization based on trust would employ better standards in their sales organization…. ~~~

If you read this blog you know that we encourage business owners to use their association memberships for getting more Internet traffic, and boasting their sites popularity.

We just had a call from a better business bureau sales rep, who said, and I quote, “the membership is probably worth the money just in it’s SEO value alone”. Sounds like the BBB is jumping on the SEO band wagon. I hope Google doesn’t penalize them for selling links with this approach!

The reason to join any business association should be the value it brings to your business in the areas of education, promotion, and credibility. If it helps your Internet popularity as a result, that’s a bonus.

We recommend A BBB membership to most of our clients who sell to consumers. It’s a important “trust” factor. But buying it for SEO only doesn’t make all that much sense.

You can read more about whats happening in Local SEO on this blog .


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