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Does Social Media Marketing Work For Small Business?

After a interesting conversation on my Google Plus page based on the question has anyone seen any direct sales results based on their Social Media programs, I came up with the following conclusions about Local companies and how they can use Social Media. You can see the conversation here:

Social Media does not in and by itself create sales, what it does do is add value to all your other methods of marketing.  It’s like adding high octane gas to your marketing tank, or 4 hour energy 24 hours a day for your branding, or super vitamins for your marketing program.

Social media is not advertising

Social media is just one piece in a businesses P.R. and Branding

Social media is reputation management.

PR is making the Public aware of your brand and company. Social media plays the biggest roll in this.

On average a new customer will see your message 7 to 11 times before buying. Social media is one – three of these touches.

You can not quantify directly the role of reputation in your sales. You can however use correlation, and then it is clear, selling a known brand out performs the same exact service/product under an unknown brand.  Today Social Media plays a large role in your reputation.

Social Media does not in and by itself create sales, what it does do is add value to all your other methods of marketing.  It’s like adding high octane gas to your marketing tank, or 4 hour energy 24 hours a day for your branding, or super vitamins for your marketing program.

Those are the main points I would make to any small business thinking of using social media.


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Search Engine and Social Media Marketing in Denver

SEO and Social Media in Denver

Social Media is hard for many small businesses to understand. I’m not talking about how it works, or what it is, I am talking about its value as a business tool. Search Engine Optimization on the other hand, is pretty straight forward. If your site is ranked higher on Google, more people will call you.

White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques...
White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques in search engine marketing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reason we have a love hate relationship with social media is it’s not advertising, and we are use to thinking in terms of return on investment when we promote our services. I would use the term branding when it comes to using social media, and branding, up until recently has been the domain of the largest of large companies.  Branding also has traditional had a very high price tag.

I recently was reading a research study on how new prospects actually found a business. The premise was very few new customers just make a keyword search, click on your site and call.  The vast majority of people had  contact or visibility into the company they ultimately bought from in 3 or more places.  The search was just the last place.

It’s nothing new. Marketing your business is not done through one path. The most successful small and medium businesses understand this, and use every option available for there budget. Social media, with out a question falls into this.  It’s not expensive, and you can laser target your prospects. You want a  potential customer to see you every where they look!

One of our clients is currently one of the fastest growing B2C services in the state, if not country.  We never use one path, we use a minimum of four at all times.

So what ‘Paths” should you use to reach new clients or customers?

Here is a list. What you pick depends on your industry, but first, always start with a very well thought out targeted prospect list!  Who are your prospects, where are your prospects, how do they find companies like yours?

  • Search Engine Marketing (Includes SEO, Local SEO, and PPC programs)
  • Customer referral programs
  • Direct mail ( To very specific targeted prospects)
  • Radio and TV
  • Trade Shows

    First page of a 1928 direct mail marketing adv...
    First page of a 1928 direct mail marketing advertisement for seafood products from Frank E. Davis Fish Company. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Cross selling
  • Yard and truck signs (B2C)
  • Networking (B2B)
  • Awards
  • Print advertising

And many more. I assume some of you are saying and thinking you have tried many of these and they “don’t work”. Well, you’re right, unless they have been exceptionally well thought out, and targeted, then they probably won’t work.  A branding campaign needs a great deal of thought, experience and great execution, and nothing replaces experience, nothing.  That’s one of the reasons we constantly survey and review what advertising and promotion does work for our clients and other businesses across the country.

If you need help with your companies branding, we have the experience to safely navigate the way.  Call us for a free consultation at 303 500 3053 Ext 1.




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SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media.

We all know that social media has to be taken into account when you are trying to promote your web site and brand. The question is, what social media really makes an impact on your sites ranking?  There are lots of studies about this, but the vast majority really don’t look at it through a local prospective.

Our Social Media Test (Facebook shares)

Social Media Cafe

So a few months ago we decided to try and improve a new clients ranking through using only the one social signal we feel is the most important for SEO, that being, Face Book shares. It should be noted the site did have some back links to the homepage, but there had been no new back links in months.

Share our Facebook comment will ya?

We asked lots of local friends who had face book pages to share a post or two from our client’s facebook page. That resulted in 29 different shares. Not much if you are Coca Cola, but a significant amount for a local company. The results were interesting.

Rankings improved with Facebook Shares!

The rankings went from third page on Google for the major key word , to 9th position first page. Now, the keyword would be considered a mid level competitive keyword, so that type of progress isn’t mind blowing, but it is significant.

SEO + Social Media = The new P.R.

Just another case that demonstrates how SEO is becoming more related to P.R.  than ever. The fact is you don’t need social media to have a well ranked site (I am speaking local sites here), but it sure seems to help. No doubt that will continue and become stronger.

That is also one of the reasons we developed (as a partner). It allows business owners to help other businesses while they get more followers and shares.

Look for more of this

I predict we will see more and more of these type services in the next year as the SEO and Social Media communities start to realize they are very related, like it or not.

If we can help you with your sites rankings and P.R.  call me at 303 500 3053 ext 1.

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Social Media Denver

I asked Lisa Michaud, President of a Denver based Social Media company to write a blog for us on what small and medium business owners should know and do in Social Media. It’s a great post for all business owners interested in utilizing social media to grow their relationships and business.


Set It and Forget it? Not true in Social Media Marketing

So often when I am working with clients on their social media efforts, they comment “Well, I haven’t really looked at it lately.” I am always a bit amazed. While social media can drain time from your business if not done strategically, not looking at your social channels can also leave money on the table. One of the most important strategic exercises you can engage with daily is commenting on your channels and other people’s postings.

Just as a refresher, social media is not just about pipeline development. The overall goal for social marketing is to build relationships with your customers, clients, prospects, partners and vendors in order to:

  1. Increase revenue through direct communication to target audience
  2. Increase profit through deeper relationships with current clients = client retention and brand ambassadors
  3. Increased Brand recognition – Viral marketing effect
  4. Brand monitoring – understand what your market place is saying about you and/or your industry
  5. Marketing research – ask questions to understand your market place needs
  6. Pipeline development – create new clients through viral marketing & brand ambassadors.
  7. Ensure that you remain relevant and live within your industry
  8. Asset to company – ready to sell or find investors? Built in marketplace
  9. Generate site traffic – keywording, SEO links are incorporated into some social sites (LI, TW, FB)

Keep the pulse on the conversations daily or at least weekly to show your audience that you care about your network. If you don’t look at it, neither will your audience.

Lisa Michaud


The Startup Launcher

Social Media Systems Designed to Empower Your Voice


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Digital Marketing Consultant Certification

SEO in DenverDigital Marketing Consultant Certification:

Digital Marketing is one of the few industries expected to continue to grow in the next few years. Almost every business wants to have a strong on-line marketing presence that will bring in new customers. A part time or full time career as a Digital Marketing Consultant can be very lucrative for those individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit, the training and network, to support a full portfolio of digital marketing services.

The number one skill needed for success as a Digital Marketing Consultant? It’s at the end of this piece, but first the 2nd most important skill:

Digital marketing consultants must have professional analytical skills to assess the needs of a client, and what services will bring an excellent return on investment.  There are so many opportunities, that this one skill, the assessment and recommendation ability, will be the foundation of their success, as well as their long term financial viability.

Let’s look at the basic areas a digital consultant must be familiar with:

  • Pay per click advertising
  • Face book advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local search engine optimization
  • On-Line reputation management
  • Content development
  • Blogging
  • Web Site development
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations  (P.R.)

Each area is a business within itself, and few businesses or agencies possess the skills to do more than one or two.. Add to that the natural bias a business has towards the services they offer, and that’s where a digital marketing consultant can provide huge value. Business owners and managers can be completely confused by the number of options and the selection of vendors for each. A Digital Marketing Consultant can provide the expertise and services that make sense for their unique in bound marking needs.

The average cost (Based on the Denver Colorado area in 2011) for the services listed above for a small business vary a great deal, but here are some general guidelines for costs:

Search Engine Optimization: $400.00 to $1500.00 a month.

Social Media Programs: $275.00 to $2000.00 a month

Pay per click management: $99.00 to $500.00 a month (Or 10% of the spend which ever is highest)

Content Development: $100.00 per page

On Line reputation management: $99.00 to $1500.00 a month

Blog produced: (4 a month) can be included in other services or $275.00 and up per month

Web Site Development: $85.00 an hour. Average rebuilds $1000.00

New web Site: Average cost $1500.00 to $7500.00

Email marketing: $50.00 an hour.  Average 8 hours a month. $400.00

Public Relations:  $500.00 to $5000.00 a month.

Consulting: $150.00 an hour.

In our experience the average small business will have a $500.00 to $3000.00 monthly budget. You can see the challenge. The planning and implementation process is the key success strategy for the business. Utilizing the right services in the right order is essential with these limited budgets.

Most Consultants make their income through either an hourly fee, combined with a monthly agreement, or by providing one of the key services and out sourcing the others. Accepting commissions from the vendors they recommend is unacceptable. A consultant must be unbiased, and therefore will earn there keep through the management of the entire program.

If a consultant can provide one of the key services, and has a disciplined prospecting program (sell to the right businesses) they can expect to earn $500.00 to $1500.00 a month per client.  Managing up to 10 accounts a month is about as many as one person could do, but is possible in a full time effort.

Some consultants will evolve into an Internet Marketing Agency and provide the services by outsourcing each one, and making a certain margin on each account.  Much like a General Contractor in construction, they are the manager, and responsible for the success of each component. Nothing wrong with this business model, it’s just important to call it an Agency, and not claim to be a consultant.

The number one skill needed to be a successful Digital Marketing Consultant, or Inbound Marketer.

What most “certification” programs miss, is the number one skill to be successful, that being how to sell digital marketing services. It’s a highly competitive unregulated field, and if you can not sell, you will starve. Depending on your individual financial goals, you will need to spend up to 70% of your time selling in one form or another, or outsourcing that process. That’s the big difference between this certification program, and all the others. We have been sales consultants for over 20 years, and specializing in Internet Marketing since 2003. This program, unlike all the others, will give you the process and training to bring in customers.

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant feel free to contact our partner company Bayes Squared llc for information on their on-line 6 month programs, which include one on one consulting as you grow your business, or their in person classes combined with Internet webinar training, for a faster start.  Prices start at $2499.00. for the fast start program, which can get you selling in two weeks. You can add new skill sets on a menu basis starting at $750.00 each.

Contact Bayes Squared llc at





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Social Media Company in Denver

Infographic on how Social Media are being used...
Image via Wikipedia

Social Media, Sales and SEO Go Together.

My One Call in partnership with is now making your Social Media easy.
It’s all about getting new customers! Let our staff do your social media, for only $ 199.00 a month*.  Add SEO at an incredible price of $279.00* a month for both.

We run your twitter campaigns

With our partner www.Meta Social we make Twitter easy and your company will be promoted by a large community of local businesses.

Multiply weekly tweets and interactions.  Good for promoting and good for your web site ranking too! It’s your account, so jump in as much or as little as you like.  No fake followers, just real local businesses and people who want to support your business.


We run your Face Book campaigns
We Post interesting information about your company and your community.  Growing your Face Book like’s will increase your branding and help with your web site rankings. And with our service your new likes will come from the local area, and be actual prospects for your service. We take care of the basics, so you can take care of your business, and participate as much you like. 

Search Engine Optimization to get More traffic (prospects) to your web Site.

We have been successfully getting client sites ranked highly in local searched for 5 years.  Adding our back linking services to your program can have great results and bring more prospects to your site. Today, SEO, Social Media, and Sales all work together. That’s why Internet Marketing is exploding.

Adding links every month from high quality sites is the key to increasing your rankings! We are researching and finding new sites every week where we can add your company information to increase traffic to your site. Adding your company to will also give you valuable links and opportunities to promote your business with Twitter, Face book, Google Plus  and all the major players

Call us today at 303 500 3053 ext 1 to get more information, or contact us here

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SEO and Google’s new 1+ service

Social Media Landscape


Google 1+

So Google is rolling out its latest version of social media. But something is different with this try.  It may really work!  And if it does, SEO will change forever  and ever and ever. Really.

I am not going to go into what the Google 1+ is. A thousand SEO’s and Social media blogs have already done that in the first 3 hours of the Google announcement.  You can read the Google you tube on it here -> (Good Stuff)

So, as Google rolls out this new Social media system, where you can give a plus (like a face book like) to any of your search results, and your Google network will see those, and the site’s you and others like will be elevated (one can assume) in the search engine results The SEO factor that is clearly and with out question the most important is the one thing that never changes. Great content.

You can do all the back linking, on site tweaking , meta description re working, navigational assessing, you tube professing, and none of it will beat driving traffic to your site by having amazing, interesting, unusually engaging, fun and sharable (I think I made that word up) content.

Because Google is moving towards the individual and their social network (google profile required) being the SEO.  So even though some businesses have spent a huge amount of time and energy on all the SEO tactics in the SEO Moz, SEObook and all the other universes, it all comes down to this.


Be Interesting.

Like I said in any earlier blog. Search engine optimization is easy! It was a popularity contest for Google’s attention. Now its a popularity contest for your attention.

How to be Interesting. Well, just look at what catches peoples attention,  and then go look at your on line stuff. Would it catch your neighbors attention?

A good example:

The blender company that did the video’s on how its blenders can blend anything including a I-phone.  I watched it, I told my wife and friends about it, and when we want a really great blender I will most likely go there again.

That’s Interesting! (and Funny, and engaging)

Now I see national sites doing a lot more research, fun, and great content than local sites.  The reasons don’t need to be stated. But…I will any way… resources. Time, money, talent, cash flow. all that. But we in the Local world, that being those of us, which is the VAST majority of us, who work, play, sell, and buy primarily in our own little towns, villages and cities,  must start doing something that we are not all that good at. Yes. Be Interesting !

Future SEO =  finding and developing Interested and engaging web properties and spaces.  Content and Marketing creatives rejoice. Your time has come in the SEO world.



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Social Media Search Engine Optimization Page

So here is the concept. One page on a site that your clients, prospects and friends can find all the places you are on the Internet.

Yes, I know they can see all your Icons on your site. But here is the difference, with a Social Media page, dedicated on a site with nothing but Social media pages, you and other business owners can return the favor by getting an email that they have liked, followed , or reviewed your company and going and doing the same for them.

Here is a concept page. What do you think?

Social Media Search Optimization in Denver

eSocialMediaShop Top Keywords 2010

Social Media Search Optimization

The new field of social media search optimization is as of yet, still very undefined.  I think it’s the continued merging of your web site and your social media properties.

In the beginning you used your web site to drive people to your face book.  Now most social media uses their Social media (Twitter, Linked in, and Face book) to move people to one of their web properties depending on the message they are trying to deliver.

I think SEO (search Engine Optimization) ties into the overall strategy. Having your web site highly ranked and more visible (more targeted traffic) will bring more people or prospects to your Face book.  I think you should see a somewhat equal flow between the two.  In addition to that, if you add your blog into the social media mix, its success will have a lot to do with your web sites ranking as well.

So, I see the world of Social media promotion and SEO becoming very much partners in Marketing a business.

Any one using SEO to boast their Social Media?  Remember Google has started adding some Social media mentions in your search results.






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Denver SEO and Google Social

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

Denver SEO and Google Social Media

Denver SEO is changing again with the news this week that Google is now including some of your friends social media links in with your search results. I tried it myself yesterday using several keyword searches I knew I had tweeted about, and there they were, first page under my Google search results.

So Denver SEO and National SEO practices need to change again, and start to consider how a company is “optimized”  or visible on Twitter, and other social media properties.  For the moment Google can not include face book mentions, as face book has a deal with Bing.

Here is a good blog on it at by Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.

With the Google results, it will only show social mention and links from your friends on Google.  So for this to have any effect on your results, you will need to have added a lot of friends to your google accounts.  But the main point for all of us is how focused the search engine world is on finding the right balance to bring social media into the search engine results.  It also means that search engine optimization continues to become more and more complex.

So what should a local business be doing about this?  For Denver SEO you need to make sure you have a twitter account in your company name and use it. Tweet about the services and products you want to promote, and include the URL of your site once and a while.   Make sure write blogs (and make sure the blog is on your URL) and tweet about your blogs as well.

A Google spokesperson said this is just the beginning of social integrated results.  SEO’s in Denver should pause for a moment and understand what this means.

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